SDS 2.8 – Staying Alive!

The usual crew hit the Alive Gallery at Downtown East! This gallery exhibition of sorts ends on 3rd October so you still have time to go if you want to from when I post this episode.

Tickets are $17 for adults, $13 for students and $13 for NTUC members. Heck, there’s a family package at just $54 for 2 adults and 2 children. Or you can try your luck and win some tickets by having a picture of you as the Mona Lisa and posting it up at the Alive Gallery’s facebook! Naturally even if we bought our tickets, we took our pictures there. No. I’m not putting it up here. Heh.

Alright! It was a Saturday then so the place only opened at 12pm. We arrived early to beat the rush or the influx of people later on.

What is the Alive Gallery you might ask, well there’s around 49 pieces of artwork from various styles and era but hold on! Some of them can talk to you or are in 3d! Oh yes, remember there’s no photo taking in this exhibition except for 2 spots. The 2 spots however are very awesome.

Also, you don’t really need to take photos of the artwork. You can pretty much find them online anyway to see where the originals are etc. Just that the difference is that these artwork can move. Considering this was all from Korea though, the English dubbing might not fit their lips.

HO HO HO! This is one of the spots! You can see the actual painting of how it is on the right but there you have to walk into the painting to get to the next bit of the exhibition! In the meantime, the first part of the gallery was about Egypt and how they painted things then after which you moved to Greece or Rome and onwards. You get to wear 3d glasses at one spot and listen to Michelangelo talking to another.

Especially at that spot… Try talking to Michelangelo. It’s funner then. I figured the dialogue was intuitive in which when he would say something complicated, you would ask him what the term is and he’d answer back! Heh.

That one’s a Van Gogh art piece. Meanwhile, for Mona Lisa, you’re able to ask her six questions which you can read off on a sign near her. Speak loudly or else she won’t hear you. Ask any other questions and she’ll actually give you the hand! You know, like talk to the hand? Actually, doing that was pretty fun.

Anywho, we moved onwards and also filled a quiz form to put in a box there to win a night or two stay at the chalet aft Downtown East. So ok! It’s pretty educational and all that. Go there if you like to learn about paintings and artwork.

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