I want to be part of #NUFFNANGBLOGCON at Hotel Jen Tanglin

Nuffnang blog con

Guys, you can try win an invite to #nuffnangblogcon here. I’m writing this post to win an invite.

Why? Because in 2010, I went to their Nuffnang Blogger Symposium.

It had been super useful and I did get to see all the other bloggers even if I’m super quiet and discreet.

I’ll still probably super quiet and discreet if I were to the at the conference since there’ll probably be those super popular bloggers there anyway and what do I even say to anyone?

However, this conference sounds like it will be informative for me to learn more. Mind you, I’m not super popular because I am a niche blogger but attending these conferences and implementing stuff or just learning a little bit does help.

Trust me.

It totally helped.

From drama and hearsay or rumours of the bloggersphere, I’m totally no where near it but I want to know what the industry thinks about it since bla bla, everyone is more on social media or online so come on. I WISH TO KNOW what their thoughts are on this in a corporate way.

Anyway, Nuffnang, let me win an invite. I want to go.

It’s all public here


THERE. I’ve finally put a simple placeholder thingy on the side of my blog to just state I am available for advertorials or reviews since people do ask me.

It’s simple for now but there you go.

I’ll mark stuff as advertorials or if they’re sponsored items, I’d say it in a blog post and all.

After all, I do say which ones I do get ‘access’ to and all or the ones which I just heck it all and grab it by myself.

Yeaaah, this is a very short post today.