Time to vote on NEMATION!

It is time!

It’s time to vote on N.E.mation!!

How to vote:

1. Select the checkboxes of 3 of your favourite clips on https://nemation.sg/

2. Fill in your particulars.

3. Click ‘submit your vote’ and stand to win prizes! (Ipads!)

4. Voting is from 24 January to 14 February 2016.

WHO SHOULD YOU VOTE? VOTE FOR MY TEAMS In The Forces We Trust by Duck Vaders and The Big Puzzle by Spatium



SEEEEeeeee. Nice right? Anyway, there are 4 ways to vote too instead of just voting one way. You can vote for THREE teams so choose Duck Vaders and Spatium and one last one ok?


1) Website at www.nemation.sg
2) By mobile website, just go to www.nemation.sg on your phone.
3) On the facebook!
4) Or even SMS! Send it in the format: NE10 <space> WEB <space> C5, C9, C6 <space> NRIC <space> Full name to 76677

C5 is Duck Vaders and C9 is Spatium, the last C can be any other team.

Anywho, there was the picnic last week, while you guys might not have been there, it was quite a lively event.

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The year is 2016

And I need you guys to help me achieve some things.

Firstly, I’ll say what’s going to happen and which ones would be the ones for youuuuuu to help me out!

  1. N.E.mation voting starts on 24 January to 14 February. I hope you guys will vote for my teams, Duck Vader and Spatium! You might win a thing yourself if you vote too!
  2. 14 February is Valentine’s Day. WATCH OUT as I state the exact time and date for a valentine’s day telemovie on Vasantham. This one is gonna be musically cool and FEELS. SO MUCH FEELS. AND MUSIC OK? So please watch this telemovie even if you’re anti-valentine’s day or what it’s gonna be NICEEEE.
  3. The weekend of Labour Day. Maybe it might be 30th April or 1 May because it’s a long weekend for then… We possibly might have the SECOND #nipplesg (Nothing In Particular People of Singapore) pending if we can get the location booked. If you’ve been to the first #nipplesg , we hope we can have a bigger #nipplesg of food, art, random talkings and book readings. Yes. We actually had a book reading and it was so lol. If this is a go, we’d need your help in sodas and food. BEST if can get sponsorship by Dodo or Handwerker. Hahahah we loved the fishballs and sausages the other time. Possible activities at this new location: Popiah/Taco party styled. And also actual fridge for ice cream. (Guest list: subjected to me and the main crew because it is STILL a limited space anyway)

That’s for the first half of the year you guys can help out with. Mostly just voting and enjoying yourselves, huh?

Ok, this is what I want to do.

  1. Train ride. I don’t know why it’s one of those suddenly I have to do it because. A train trip to KL or Penang? Penang would be nice, I’d have to take a ferry from Butterworth. Hotels in Penang, feel free to sponsor me a room and I’ll blog about it. /Jedi hands. Or if once I know how to do those, maybe a train ride to Bangkok?? (Go home probably via plane though because Changi airport is so much closer than Woodlands to me.)
  2. Comic Fiesta 2016. I don’t know where it is this year but it is a thing to do to check out and meet friends in Malaysia.
  3. 7 May !! I go for Spartan Super. You can still register for it.
  4. Be fit by end of February. Then be super fit by May for this. I like food but this means I also have to balance it out with exercising too.

Considering this is my blog, I can just post up my progress here for my own archival anyway. HELP ME GET FIT, YOU GUYSSS.

Places I have yet to go in Singapore:

  1. Amped – Trampoline park
  2. Climb Asia (once more)
  3. USE MY ACTIVE SG credits before year ends so see what fitness things can be paid with this.

This is just the first half-ish of the year. And not everything I want to do so, we’ll see as we strike it one by one. Ok, except for CF, that’s at the end of the year.

But yeah.