It’s Singapura!

ciNE65 is back again and the theme for Season IV is: SINGAPURA.

OK I AM GONNA GIVE YOU THE TL;DR version because the PRIZES for this year includes directing for a feature film (?!?!!!?!!?), cash prizes as usual, learning trip to an international film fest and getting a Panasonic 4K camcorder.

TWO CATEGORIES: Student or Open

Limit: 3 minutes for your short film

Participants can submit their competition entries via the ciNE65 website in this form from 9 November 2018 till 18 March 2019, 1200hrs.

No later than that.

SO WHAT THE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEECK? The prize of a chance to direct a feature film???????????????

Anyway, I’m going hmm, should I join the Open category this year? More details on their website if you’re interested but really. IT IS BACK.

And with the theme of Singapura, what would you do?

Here are some commissioned films for this round by award winning directors for some inspiration. There’s always commissioned films so you guys can see what is possible. Also, they all say please do something close to your heart so that they can feel the passion or story you want to show in your short films.


Royston Tan’s 36 Ways to Say Good Morning. I liked that it has the oowoo bird. YOU KNOW which bird it is.

Sanif Olek’s Sama-sama. Also did you notice it’s in the same universe of his previous short film called The Usual?

Alvin Lee’s Pink IC which is based on a true story of a stateless man living in Singapore and now how he has his Pink IC after 50 years.

And Koh Chong Wu’s Afternoon at Bukit Ho Swee which… I don’t want to spoiler alert you but it’s a very interesting take.

ANYWAY, so! Who wants to try it out? I really encourage if you’re a media student to try it out and swipe/borrow equipment from school to do this.

For open category people, there’s also camera rental places in Singapore if you have no access to equipment in a school.


Cine65 ! Home Truly!

It’s the fourth season of CiNE65 with the theme of Home ● Truly.

Yep, when you say the theme, you know how the song goes.

It’s a short film competition organized by Nexus, Ministry of Defence and this time, with this time they hope to inspire more Singaporeans to reflect on their hopes and dreams for the nation.

TL;DR : Join it, it has an open and student category, you’re able to win prizes like $3000, Panasonic 4k camcorder, learning trip etc. You like making videos? Just join it.

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Do you wanna make a shortfilm?

The Prologue

You know how to sing it. Do you wanna make a short fiiiiilm? It doesn’t have to be a short film…

Anyway, I was invited to ciNE65‘s The Prologue, aka their launch of their commissioned films and the whole intro about season three for submissions to their competition!

This season’s theme is “Believing • Home”.

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It’s the International Year of the Family !

International Year of the Family 2014

It’s the international year of the family. I know, or rather I didn’t know that until now. I do know that there are international food days and don’t really pay much attention to that but hey look! Year of the family sounds nice and aww, non?

It’s by National Day Parade 2014 and MSF and from 5 May to 16 June 2014, everyone can submit a Big-Hearted Story of a person or family that has made a difference in their lives. Ok kind of too late for you readers who just read this post for the story part now but do read on.

This year, IYF seeks to encourage big-heartedness within the community. It hopes for everyone to share the warmth of their family with others around them. As such, through the Awards, members of the public will have a great opportunity to express their heartfelt thanks to those who have made a difference in their world!

We would like to invite you to support IYF by taking part in the Awards and saying thanks to a special someone in this meaningful way! It could be a neighbour, colleague’s family, volunteer, teacher, friend, or even a stranger!

It might be too late for you to join the contest at the Big Hearted Family Awards website. ACTUALLY, it isn’t if you’re reading this in the morning. DEADLINE is before midnight 16 June (11.59pm) so just from the heart, I am sure the words will come out for you to say and nominate special someone/ family for the Big-Hearted Family Awards.

Nominate them and you might win NDP preview/actual day tickets too!


Remember, family doesn’t have to be blood related, it’s who you deem family or someone special to you.

You can also check out Care & Share , info which you can also help out in the community in Singapore. Yes. I know such aww togetherness and whatnot. You can donate or volunteer your services to various communities from there if you don’t know how to start.

You do realize, that not all volunteerism means going to an old folk’s place and cleaning or whatever right? You can contribute what skills you have to various groups that you want to help out.

That’s how it all starts in also being ‘special’ to others.

I help out in the cat side with Love Kuching by making videos and sometimes taking pictures which helps publicize the group and thus is also caring for the community.

It's MY family.

Need an example for how to nominate someone?

Well, I would write a bit about my parents. It’s not ONE someone but ehh, since it’s my blog I can write it. NYER HUR HUR. I know, that’s kind of like a cheatcode. But yeah, I can’t choose.

They’re both inspiring and in the medical line too. No, not as doctors but as the support who also work with patients or health care workers. Amidst all that, they also care for the family… AKA MINE. Ok, maybe this isn’t a really awesome example of what to write in your nomination but really, they had been there always and are super caring.

Sometimes if they see people on the streets needing help, like an elderly man not being able to stand up and lying on the street while others were just walking by (?!) they checked up on him and took him to the doctor and then to his home. Or staying with lost kids until their parents managed to find them. I don’t know, it might be also as simple as making sure that my grandparents are also ok and checking up on them too.

Yeah, it takes time and energy and effort and they DO IT. Which is totally inspiring.


Anyway, go nominate someone special to you in Big Hearted Family Awards!

And it’s… N.E.mation! 7

N.E.mation! 7

Guys, do you remember N.E.mation! from last year? If you could recall, I WENT TO THE USA with the winning team. It’s back again this year and the 10 teams’ Animation Clips are all ready to be voted. This year’s theme is “Together We Overcome” as you can plainly see on their logo. YOSH!! TEAMWORK. Togetherness! Wooo!

Each team in N.E.mation! has worked hard for us to finally watch it. The best you can do is watch and vote for them.

Plus… you can win prizes JUST by voting!

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The Hunger Games… Vouchers… and Diablo 3?

Like The Hunger Games? We’re holding a competition and an event at the central library!

Yes! The Hunger Games Singapore, Liyanaland and us from the HSWG will be hosting it. Click the picture for a larger version of the poster. Mainly though, you can RSVP for the event here. The competition itself will let you win Hunger Games merch and books. There’s the:

  • Short story contest (500-2000 words) – Tell us how life in the Capitol would be like. Open to all.
  • Costume art contest. Two categories: Above 16 years old and under 16 years old. Design a tribute costume with a short description of your entry. 800px in jpg format.

For both competitions, send it to with the email titled “Hunger Games Short Story Contest 2012” or “Hunger Games Costume Art Contest 2012” by 9 June.

The event itself will be on 17 June from 2pm to 5pm at the central library! Yes. Feel free to dress up as the characters too.


Win Book Depository Vouchers!

Also, do YOU want to win Book Depository vouchers up to $20? Liyanaland has a competition on her website here for more details on that. Seriously, if you like buying books especially from BD, go look at it since the competition is super simple.


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The Singapore We’re Not The Usual Blog Awards 2012 – Categories!

Ok so there’s this yearly blog awards that’s happening right now and a lot of people on twitter and such have pretty much said that they don’t fit in any categories (including me).

It’s always the usual foodie/lifestyle/fashion whatever blogs. Surely there’s more blogs than that! If it were only that, I’d be totally bored. So I decided to do this.

No prizes since this would the first time trying this out. Unless by the middle of this whole experimental thing, people start to donate prizes and stuff.

We’ll see then. However, with all the listings, we’ll finally learn more blogs than the usual ones we see in the news/media/linked to us. So that would be pretty neat, wouldn’t it?

For now, here are the deadlines:

Categories submission: 27 April – 11 May

Nomination of blogs: 18 May – 8 June

Voting of blogs: 22 June – 22 July

Alright, now I need YOUR help! I have planned down some categories but I know I might be missing out some, click on read more to see and also COMMENT with your suggestions!

The categories will then be finalized for the nomination of blogs on 18 May.

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A challenge for you!

It’s that time of year again where you ESCAPE THE WEREWOLF VILLAGE! We went to the first one and it was FUN and awesome in puzzle solving and code breaking. Here’s a teaser:

Check the facebook of Real Escape Game Singapore to get more info. Meanwhile, if you guys want to know which session my crew and others would be going for, it’ll be the 12 May, 7.30pm slot! Tickets run out quick cause really, it is that fun.

MEANWHILE, another challenge!

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Dance Central 2 – THE DANCE OFF!

It’s the Dance Central Champitionships 2012! Here’s a copy pasta of it from XBOX Singapore:

Jump into the region’s 1st national dance competition powered by the amazing Kinect for Xbox 360. Compete in Solo, Doubles or Junior categories and head into the Ultimate Dance-Off! Over $15,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won! Qualify from 13 Feb 2012 and witness the finale at Plaza Singapura from 6-8 Apr 2012!

Right now you can still check out the official page of it here to register or check out the info of where it’ll be.

The competition is fun! They’re actually going around the different malls and schools like some traveling Pokemon gym but with no Pokemon and a lot more dancing! 5 April 2012 is the last day to qualify before they do their semi final, finals and then the ultimate dance off.

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