VR Man: Fall from Grace (Part 1)

There are 13 episodes of VR Man. If you don’t know what or who VR Man is, he’s the first Singaporean Superhero on channel 5 premiering in 1998. This post isn’t going to be a listicle like everyone else trying to talk about. Bla bla ohohoh VR Man so funneee, ha ha hee hee ho ho.


This post is going to be a review of each episodes because I AM ABLE TO WATCH IT AND WELL, it’s actually not as bad as what everyone remembered or perceived it to be. If you ever want to watch this, go petition to Mediacorp or something. Go FB/Tweet/Email them to bring it back onto Toggle. Heck, I bet a lot of people will actually get onto Toggle and increase their KPIs or something.

I’m going to split each episode into 2 parts because oh man. It is so wild.

Not as wild as Singapore’s NDP but wild enough because you guys. You guys, I wish you could just watch it for yourselves to see. I’m not going to be a pirate and upload the episodes somewhere, so yeah, go ask Mediacorp.

I can’t fit all my comments and screenshots for one epi in one post but here we go. PART ONE.

Get on wifi. There’s gonna be a ton of pictures. The first episode is when they try to pack in all info of the characters since I watched the other episodes and it feels “faster”.

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