Station by Station: EW 33 Tuas Link

Hi everyone!

Usually I just take the mrt or lrt line to a few usual stations like City Hall, Orchard and the sort. But what if I actually checked each station out? We have a very good public transport system here and usually I just head to where I wanna go and that’s it.

How does it look like at other stations and what exactly is there? So yeah! You can watch my once a week series on it. Considering there’s more than 100 stations in Singapore, this might be a thing for a few years until I get to the END.

Maybe, we’ll see.

Stuff you don’t see in the video?

  1. I had to wait 10 minutes at Joo Koon for the next train heading to Tuas Link.
  2. There’s a distinctive sound on the tracks once you’re on that last stretch of track due to the curves. It’s really, really loud.
  3. The number of photographers who turned up near sunset and really, July seems the best month if you want to see the sun setting right in the middle of the valleys in Malaysia right across of us at Raffles Marina.