Saving Uranus! A 48 Hour Film Project

Oh mein Gott.

We took part in the 48 Hour Film Project in the Singapore region. We, meaning Gladius Studios.


It started at, okay, supposedly 7pm on 25th April, Friday but our official time after waiting for people and stuff is 8.30pm for submission instead. That’s Mike Rogers and Megan Shea of 48 Hour Film Project people thingy briefing us at the Arts House’s screening room.

We had to put in a prop, a line and a character… For Singapore, this is it:

Prop: Ang bao

Character: Ollie/Olivia Sparx the cellphone salesman/woman

Line: I have always wanted to do that.

And for our genre, our team got Sci-Fi.


With that, everyone scrambled out of the Arts House once all the teams got their genres and onwards ho! It took like… good grief, at least until 3am or so to get the idea of what we wanted? It was the darned ang bao that stalled us somehow. At that time, we got the story set more or less… Technically less but whatever, it got groovy the next day on Saturday.

THE Saturday of shooting.


We were doing bits of the script while waiting for the cast to arrive or preparing the area too since we were at an office.


And then we were set to go… I totally love the actors and actress since they were SO pro at this.


Or maybe it’s the fact that most of us in the crew and cast were media students and knew what to do.


But overall, they were fabulous anyway.


What I can say however is that I realized that I hate offices in high floors. Okay, actually to be more specific, I hate riding lifts that goes insane on the pressure and speed as you zoom upwards somehow. It made me go gah even until I got back home with Jer (the guys continued shooting at the office and I picked up Jer so we could do the animated scenes at my house before we headed off to headquarters to edit after all that).


Last day, Sunday… Spent the whole night/day of Saturday through Sunday to edit and animate. Unfortunately, we aren’t eligible for the judge’s prizes cause we submitted late. We figured we’re rather submit late and let it look good than semi bad and have a probability of ending up late there anyway. We’re still eligible for the audience choice awards though!


Have a preview of some stuff you’ll get to see in the short film.


Yay for Jer doing it. These are technically the three models of ships used in the intro.


OH GEE, is THAT the Singapore Flyer?

COME watch it at Eng Wah Suntec to find out!

No, really. It’ll be screened there.

And of course, the screencap above isn’t the real thing, it has more effects than those. Will post up more info until then but the screening is on May 6! Tickets info will be known soon.


It was fun!

And I have never eaten so much Mcdonalds ever since that weekend.


Here’s the short film!