Sarah learns how to snowboard in Singapore

Hey guys, I saw an ad on instagram and it was saying “From Noob to Not so Noob” and I thought that was the most accurate ad ever because you can’t promise that you’ll be an expert after a class. So I was intrigued on what it was, and it was…

Trifecta’s pretty obvious when you arrive at Somerset MRT too.

Trifecta at 10A Exeter Road. Where is Exeter Road? I googled it and was like “Oh”, it’s that spot next to Somerset MRT and across Orchard Gateway. If you’ve been in the area, it’s now directly in front of the old skateboard area.

Free Entry to places but yes, buy passes to ride except for the skateboard area.

You can surf, snowboard or ski and skateboard. They have a new skate bowl which is thankfully not too deep so if you ever end up at the bottom without a skateboard, you still can pull yourself up. And since this is a very popular area, you can always call for help too.

I just watched… A lot of videos on youtube about people getting stuck before, that’s why I was kind of obsessed on the depth for safety.

I lol-ed but this is only at the actual seated areas.

You need to buy passes at Trifecta on their website. The skating bowl is obviously free and there’s still the regular skateboard ramps at the back still for free. However classes, snow simulator sports and surfing is not.

The facility obviously has to turn on the electricity and have staff to check on the safety of people using it.

Get a tag before you get in.

The facilities are also on a booking slot basis especially for the snow simulators and the surfing ones. I booked a trial class slot in the morning since it was available. You need to use their website to sign your indemnity form and also to pay for the passes, either by single class or package.

For snow and surf, you need to do the trial class so that they know you’d be safe on it and that you will know what you’re into after that.

After booking online, do head down to their ticketing counter to get your wristband (the shop has signs, it’s obvious, also they have a cafe there too) and then head on to which sport you were going for.

Enter your epic era, just don’t grind on it.

And the snow simulator building is just right there. Do read all the requirements for each sport though, for snow they wrote on their website to wear long pants and long sleeves.

They have very friendly and nice staff too.

And besides whatever you have to wear as the ‘base’. All other equipment is provided by them included in your fees already!

Boarding in progress.

I learned that if I go back, I can ask for the ‘144’ board which is technically a 144cm snowboard. Helmet, knee, elbowpads and wristguards available including the boots for the boards.

They have freestyle and some inflatable jump pad area for professionals.

My trial session was pretty good. I got an introduction of how to actually put on the snowboard, how to stop and go and the basics of balancing. The instructors were patient and funny.

I learned how to at least brake and go down a mountain but it would be in the most unglamorous way for now since this is just a trial and we had no prior boarding experience before.

The simulator is a ‘carpet’ slope with water on it to describe it in the simplest way so make sure your long pants are good ones ok? Cause it will help you when you fall down.

In summary, IT IS FUN. My thighs were burning since it’s a different set of muscles to do snowboarding.

Would I go again? Maybe if I had the budget. But it does make me want to try out their trial for surfing.

When you check their fees and how it includes gear, instructors and the facilities.

It’s actually pretty well priced.

I wouldn’t say it’s expensive, but it is indeed value for money for what you’re going to learn and where you’re going to learn it at. It just might not fit your budget if you think it’s going to be like lalalala I appear cheaply, no. It’s like any other sport, you have to have the budget for it if you want to try out snow or surf.

Also I went on my own so no videos of me falling and then learning how to balance but hey, maybe if you jio-ed me to an activity with you, you can see it for yourself.

Go Trifecta yourself if you want to try their snow and surf simulators. I wonder if I can bring a skatescooter down the bowl. I know I can skatescoot though HMMMMMMM.

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