Flash mob or Fail mob?

Okay, Nuffnang organized a flash mob on the 13th June 2009 at 5pm. Or at least the details was “5pm till 7pm”. I was thinking flash mobs happen just within minutes so why do they need hours?

Mind you, this is the FIRST flash mob they’ve tried to organize in Singapore so if you’ve googled or yahooed about it, you’re gonna read the reactions of the people who went.

At the moment, if you searched for blog posts on it, half the people are saying it’s lame while the other half is saying it’s awesome. I’m going a bit “Ehhhh but it’s their first one so they could be better next time” since I know it must have taken quite a bit of planning and all too.

So pros and cons of the event!


These are not the flash mobbers. They’re passerby people wondering what is happening even before the flash mob started.

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