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It’s been quiet. I’ve actually got a bunch of posts. Such as the NERF 2009 Tournament, The Time Traveler’s Wife movie, The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition and much more (big fat hint, check the Singapore Writers Festival website to see who are coming down).


Okay, I’ll just do the fastest post without videos included first.

Happiness at the end of the World

THAT! See that? That’s the cover of one of the two books at our Nanowrimo Kick Off party/book launch on the 31st October. The details?

Location: Earshot Cafe, The Arts House

Date and time: 31st October, 2pm-4pm

Dress code: Under Cover

Items to bring: Tupperware (if you wanna bring home cake)

Yes, there’s a dress code because I’m planning this and for SG Nanowrimo-ers that come to the kick off, you’ll get your goodie bags plus the stickers from HQ.

For everyone else there’s Mastercard bring tupperware too. Cake is for everyone there who just want to attend the book launch bit of the party but heck it’s all merged together because it does have to do with Nano. We usually have left over cake and freak out on trying to finish it.

What to wear when it’s “Under Cover” themed? I’m so witty, the dress code is the Singapore Writers Festival’s theme for the year. Well, think of whatever character from books, stories etc might wear.

If you’re lazy, here’s a hint. Going under cover for wizards from Harry Potter mean wearing muggle outfits. TADA, your daily wear is under cover themed! You’d have to have a wand though to show you ARE a wizard going under cover as a muggle.

Etc, etc. Have fun, we have the Halloween date so we should use it to our advantage! More info and cover art when it hits October!

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