Still not legally blonde though.

Okay! I read via Yahoo News (that took from Channel News Asia) this:

SINGAPORE: Singapore citizens who have yet to check their names in the Registers of Electors are advised to do so before next Monday. (That’s 8 March by the way.)

That is the last day for making claims and objections to rectify any errors in the Registers.

The Elections Department said about 13,000 names have been checked as of Monday, since the registers opened for inspection on February 23.

It has received 12 claims and two objections.

Ninety—three applied to be restored as voters.

There were also 619 applications for registration as overseas electors.

Registration as overseas electors is ongoing.

Okay. So I was reading that short bit there and was thinking, “Huh, okay HOW DO I DO THAT? Like there’s no info on it”. Thus, it’s a simple thing of doing a websearch.

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