It’s Pantry Magic not Pant…

It's Chinatown!

It’s Chinatown! And it’s all decked out to prepare for Chinese New Year. I was there because I was going to Pantry Magic.

It's a Snake Looks like Bak Kwa

This year’s decoration for Chinese New Year 2012 at Chinatown is really something alright. The year of the snake and thus they had a snake made out of lanterns stretching down the whole street.

On the other side, a lot of people have commented that the red boxes look like Bak Kwa boxes that are over stocked and thus are used as decoration.

It’s unique. Yeah.


Pantry magic!


Eventually I found Pantry Magic at 44 Club Street. I did take a few turns on the other side of Club Street and ended up at a grand mansion, some society of some clan activities.


Enter the Magic of the Pantry!


Enter! It is cozy. Warm lighting and lots of pots and pans and knives. Fancy baking gear which is pretty pretty.

Pantry Magic stuff A pantry magic bag! Le cheese knife

They had some stuff embroidered with the Pantry Magic name. Anywho, I got myself a cheese knife! Yay! So the place is pretty cool and I overheard they’re gonna have classes there or something? I don’t know that’s just OVERHEARING.

Oh yes, they put your purchase into a cloth bag of sorts and that’s neat. Better than plastic bags since those could tear with heavier pantry items like a whole set of knives or whatever even if it would come in boxes. So that’s my trip to Pantry Magic.

Anyway, next week will be interesting, it’ll be the Handmade Movement at Fort Canning and the Awaken the Dragon Kiln festival! Both on the 19th January 2013. Awaken the Dragon Kiln’s technically from the 15th to 20th. Do check their facebook out to see which events of theirs you want to attend. They have a shuttle bus from Boon Lay MRT to get to Jalan Bahar.

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