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I’ve been watching The Great Doctor, or Faith as some channels would call it.

It’s a different time travelling Doctor. YES. THIS IS A Korean drama historical time travelling series with a doctor. Her companion would be a warrior, a commander of the Yuldachi, the army that helps protect the king.


Carry on, carry onnnnn…

Time travel, romance, actual doctor thingies in which patients are treated.

I do like time travel romance things. Which did made me go “Wait. This is totally unverified but I think there’s a heck load of time travelling happening in romance books/stories/series/movies than in science fiction”.

So not verified but it looks time travel is a thing under the romance genre.

Anyway, with time travel like this, it is also about “Do I stay or do I go?”. When you’re stuck in a time period, you have to relearn how the culture or even the language is. Will you even survive?

Our current Singapore history syllabus will totally not help us that much if we were to time travel into the past for some reason since it likes to go all “Singapore was a quiet fishing village” when it is not.

No, it is not because if you go to the Malay Heritage Centre or our National Museum and go to our actual Singapore exhibits, you’d learn there’s a heck ton of political intrigue, drama, wars. Fights with pirates, runaway princes and stuff.

Did you know Sir Stamford Raffles was also like some pokemon master because he actually had a BEAR as a freaking pet too? I don’t know what was up with him, maybe, “Tally ho, oh look. A bear CUB. It’s small and cuddly not. I MUST CATCH EM ALL”*.

(For serious, go research, he had a bear cub as a pet. But no, I doubt he went all “I must catch em all”.)

So hmm no. No I suppose we wouldn’t do well that much. I did think of a little fanfic time travelling romance to Temasek/Singapore with Raffles as the lead guy because in the end… do you know what happened to him?

Not really.

I mean in real life. He has a ‘tomb stone’ and such but his historical records saying he died was really, really brief and very suspicious.

Which meant it had enough suspicion to create a plotline with TIME TRAVEL.

Featuring me a Malay girl who would meet him in the past but speaks very crappy Malay but very good English and taught him how to speak Malay instead of the guy who wrote the history stuff. BECAUSE YOU CAN REWRITE HISTORY and it would make sense that a ‘guy’ would teach Raffles Malay instead of some girl because oh she is a mere village girl FROM THE FUTURE.

Ok, this State of Sarah post is just me liking time travel historical romance.

You don’t have to time travel over the place.

Just to the right time.

Also, for you readers/writers out there. If I were to write a historical time travel romance book… How do I include Malay and English in it. I mean, I am totally all in for ENGLISH because I write better in that but it has much more meaning if the story was in English but the title was in Malay for irony.

Gadis Melayu Yang Terakhir

Translated, the last Malay girl. But ehh the English meaning is kinda lost in the irony of it. SO HOW.

Just write and heck care I guess. If anything, I’m not sure if anyone would want to market this.

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