The Old Normal

Sunset over the highway by Sarah in a bus
Sometimes I take the bus to Suntec to just get to see the sunset.

Since the end of 2019 we had been adapting to the New Normal. Can we just call the normal, normal now? I mean, it’s already at least three years.

This. Whatever we have now, is normal.

And since I live in Singapore, not much surprises me in terms of how we need to adapt. Of course, there will be that stubbornness of “Why can’t we do it like before?” and “Can’t we just… not do it?”.

But whatever, we need to suck it up, move forward and make the changes as we go.

I do look back at that pre-2019 times. And the ‘good old days’ which had its moments. Since we can’t go back it doesn’t mean we can’t bring elements of it into now.

I remember I used to post on livejournal nearly daily and over here on this blog it was every Monday a post. And it was fun. And especially since blogging is on a ‘decrease’… it means not many people are going to read this and thus…

I’m going to write whatever I want over here especially since this is my blog.

In 2022, blog posts aren’t in. It’s all instastories, instagram pictures, tiktok videos. Short bite sized stuff or heck, even podcasts.

AND I AM GOING TO RELISH THIS. Because if you’re reading this, then well. It really is up to you to read it. No one’s forcing you to read it.

So hello to you all. Old readers and new. What are you going to do this year?

Do you remember that people can actually comment on blogposts?

What is going to be your normal?

Can I use my posb debit card as an ezlink?

I googled to ask if I could use my posb debit card as an ezlink without topping up because I left my main ezlink card at home.

It didn’t exactly answer me and my card is an older passion card POSB debit card which did have the ezlink icon at the back.

The simple answer is no.

I couldn’t use my card because it didn’t have any “value” loaded in it.

So in an emergency, you had to somehow top it up first if it’s one of the older cards, I think the newer ones can just auto deduct. I didn’t check it but it might be able to, if you do this, comment if it succeeds!

Anyway to top up your ezlink enabled debit card just go to the ATM and click more services when you log in at the machine.

There, click ezlink top up. It will tell you to remove your atm card, put it next to the keypad for the sensor to sense the card which you want to top up.

It’s the same place if you want to top up a regular ezlink card or cashcard too.

Place the card on the censor next to the keypad

Just follow the instructions on screen and your debit card is now ready to be your alternate ezlink.

You don’t even have to install SimplyGo to somehow top it up if you just need it to be used for an emergency and if you don’t have a phone with you.

It’s 2022

Yes, it’s 2022 and it’s already past the middle of February. I don’t think people will actively notice my blogposts nowadays since it’s a different social media game.

It’s all about instagram and tiktoks but there are article based blogs still. Just that many are very very into the hustle and whatnot.

I miss the days of where you get random blog posts of thoughts and whatnot and hey, this is my blog so at least I can do that here.

With the rise of mobile usage, the kind of posts are different too. I’d usually put a ‘read more’ cut to save people’s data or space but I don’t think I have to do it nowadays since the web is seen or loaded differently on devices compared to back then in the early 2000s.


That’s a long time, isn’t it?

But I’m here to say, hey everyone. I’m still around. Maybe you’ll see me experiment more on youtube for my content.


Sometimes, it’s just easier to read things instead of watching them, isn’t it?