School is gonna staaart!

While the website isn’t really completed, it’s technically 70% completed since I haven’t done a new showreel yet… Anyway, I figure why not just get on with the show on the blog side?

After all, this side is pretty much complete and you can read what I’m up to yet.

At the moment I’m about to start a part-time course for the Bachelor of Media Arts. Hopefully, I can get very very good grades for this.

Right! Besides uni things, I’ll be talking about LOCAL books. Or rather, some of them that aren’t your usual “Boohoo, agony, agony. I’ma giiiiiiiirl and you sold me” stuff.

I’m gonna try hunt down amusing/fantasy/romance stories published or written locally. If you’ve suggestions of anything, feel free to comment me.

The upcoming book I’ll review on would be a Korean Vampire story with a teenage Singaporean Vampire hunter… Yeaaah, I know but it seems to have a lovely potential about it.

Besides local books, it might have local writing events or perhaps competitions to publicize etc. Anything to do with writing and stories really.

So, let’s do this thing!