Meow Monday

This is really just a filler post so have Dawn the cat instead. This is her sitting cutely.

This is her ignoring a Porg.

And this is her looking out a meshed window.

Anyway if you like cats, are in Singapore and want to also help an organization that I volunteer with, you can donate to Love Kuching Project !

If you’re in Singapore to their bank account: DBS Current Account 027-907655-0 (instructions here if you’re international) or buy food/litter from Polypet.

You can check their website or facebook or even instagram to see how they help the community cats around here.

OH AND JUST BECAUSE THIS IS A CAT POST, I nearly forgot tomorrow starts the YEAR OF THE DOG CNY sale!

Don’t say I never jio you for this. Go check out tomorrow, 23rd to 25th January 2018 on this page. If you wanna get anything from there, use my liiiiiink.

For the first 100 new customers please use this code during this sale: LAZCNY8

To get 16% off (capped up to $8, huaaaat).

10 things I’ve Done or Am Doing

OK. That was a mini hiatus of sorts?

Not sure who noticed but yeah. I’ve been doing things.

1) Love Kuching needs your help financially (transfer moolah to DBS current 027-905975-3)  if you can’t volunteer your services. You can know more from their website.

I did that mini vid for them and they’re my choice of cat charity to go to.

Escape from Reality!

2) THIS COMES OUT on 1 November at the Singapore Writers Festival! Escape from Reality! It’s an anthology of short stories of the fictional sort. The fantasy-ish kind. $20! After the official launch, you can get it ordered directly through us or the publisher. More details then.


It’s on 31st Oct, 6pm at the level 5 Possibility Room of the National Library. Our theme is ‘Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?’. RSVP here:



We’re going to Comic Fiesta! Yes. It’s in KL so if you wanna chope any of us to meet any of you guys, ‘book’ us early.


Last year had been fun so we’ll see how it is at the new location!

5) I’ve been on shoot for a mini series.


Hence why I haven’t updated in a bit. I’ll tell you more about the series when it is officially out on 27th November!

6) I’ll be at the library customer appreciation day on 6 November. I don’t know why I had to add that but in case you guys are there, you can say hello to me. The library people are always so nice.

7) You want to ever watch one of the telemovies I helped in? Here’s a trailer

Ambika English Trailer from Millenia Motion Pictures Pte Ltd on Vimeo.

Or watch the whole telemovie on Toggle here. I think it is only available for those in Singapore though. Darn you regional restrictions?

8) IT IS THE 10th run of N.E.mation! Soooooo I’ll BE BACK to support the teams! But why do the teams I support always get the top? Is it a correlation, a stroke of luck or what? HMMM? Tune in this year and we’ll see.

9) I’m doing the Spartan Race. Soooo I got to train (more).

10) I’m blogging here, aren’t I? SO WOOOH. OK. More posts ahead.

Pumped up kicks?


Meanwhile, my shoes are dying.

Ok, it is expected after going adventuring all over Singapore with them.

I do hate going into stores so I usually check online for shoes to buy them instead.

The upside is that I do get it delivered to me without meeting people at all and the bonus part is that the shoe box can be given to my cat. Dawn really likes shoe boxes and I like nice shoes.

Reminds me of Leliana from Dragon Age. She’s a tough rogue but she loves nugs and shoes.

What kind of shoes DO you guys like to wear anyway?

Give me some suggestions I should try out instead of my regular adventure shoes.

Food with Furry Felines


Ok guys.

You know I like cats and helping them out and stuff. Love Kuching Project is having a silent bid for dinner with kitties. Or aka Dine With Cats.

This March is the first of it.

How much is it?

Dine With Cats
Because we are a nonprofit corporation, DWC is not going to be operated based on cat cafe charges, but by freewill donations starting at $50 per diner via a silent auction.

You can bid here. Bidding STARTS at $50 per person and for a maximum of 4 people who can win the bids.

So what IS it actually or for?

1) You like cats, but can’t have cats? Or like to go to cat cafes and such. Well. Love Kuching Project have a lot of cats that are in need of homes or are currently being healed and stuff. You can meet the kitties!

2) The proceeds help run the organization, if you ever want invoices/receipts of whatever they do, you can actually request in their email to see what monies go where also.

3) IF YOU WIN the bid, you get to eat vegan/vegetarian food with cats and aww your monies actually help out the cats!

4) You’re actually helping out animals instead of humans.

5) Besides eating with the kitties when you win the bid… Well, what if you get taken with one (or two) of them and ooops, ooops ok, maybe you’ll want to adopt them too.

5) Oklah if you don’t like talking to humans you can do that, you can talk with the kitties instead and eat food. The people there are very nice.

SO! Go and try bidding. Check out their page to know more.


IMAGINE. If you win the dinner. You eat with your love interest some vegan sausage or pasta or mushroom thing, I DON’T KNOW. And then you pick that thing and your love interest picks the same thing but you both are looking at a cat.







Go bid.

Phoning it in

Well, have Dawn with a bunch of vegetables.

And… this is going to be the super short version of a longer post I’ll have in the week but we’re OPEN to submissions for a FANTASY ANTHOLOGY.

Click here to check it out and download the details. If you read this sentence, good on you. Because hohohohohohoh, this anthology is gonna be woah.

Sneaking Loudly

Bubble bubble!

You guys, if you talked to me lately, you would have known that I had been looking for women sneakers online because:

a) I had my adventure shoes and I realised once I needed to wash them my alternate shoes would be it

b) And then when it rains, my alternate shoes would be wet too.

So I had to get another spare pair but something that is fetching and nice and not so typical?

Anyway, I ended up at Zalora since my friends shop there and from what I heard, they had really good deliveries and customer service. So ok, can. Plus, real life stores don’t really have shoes that I wanted.

From the sneakers list they had, I wondered, to try Superga?

Because they actually had it and I read the brand from Rinaz since it is Italian and pretty ok?

IN THE END THOUGH, ha ha ha nooo. I chose this Macbeth sneakers because they looked SO ROCKING and fun and non-typical.

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