Milo High Club

Welcome to the Milo High Club! It’s not an official club since we’re not sanctioned by Nestle or actual Milo but since I really like Milo a lot, I imagined why not make a casual “club” where I can proclaim the beauty of Milo chocolate malt drinks, food and snacks?

Each week or fortnightly, I will post about the various Milo products I consume or recipes by friends since everyone drinks their Milo differently or have their own special technique.


Milo High Club flyer form

You can RIGHT CLICK and open new tab HERE for a Milo High Club form/flyer and make your own membership club at the bottom.

Print your own membership card and laminate it.

We’re not going for full professional feels here. We’re going for nostalgic vintage ownself-make-ownself-do clubs.

If you have a recipe or just want to proclaim your favourite Milo drink/product or style of having it, feel free to use the hashtag #milohighclub on your social media.

And if you EVER see a milo truck, please use the #milohighclub to alert the vicinity and if it is for the public to drink.

The Milo Truck Milo is one of the best Milos ever.

Is it the feeling of ‘drinking free milo on sports day as a kid’ or is it really because Milo themselves have the secret ratio to make it taste good?


Probably only Milo.

But do alert us if it’s around in Singapore, out and about for us to queue up.

This blog post is brought to you by a hot made in Singapore Milo Gao Siew Dai.

It’s a “3 in 1” pack where I just pour hot water and stir. The interesting thing is that, with a less sugar version, it tastes a bit more ‘bitter’ chocolate intensity compared to the more ‘default’ version.

Who knows, with the formation of the Milo High Club, maybe we’ll have milo tasting posts and I do definitely want to do an experiment of how can we make the Milo truck Milo without a truck.

With that said. What’s YOUR favourite style of drinking Milo? Hot? Cold? On the rocks, etc? Tell us here or via #milohighclub