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The last day of Romance week! Unfortunately for you this will be a mostly text post but no matter, I’ll try to make this short.

Before the week ends, you shall learn some TERMS used in the historical/fantasy romances and how to write one!

The very brief list of Romance Book terms that might possibly not be THAT accurate but whatever:

Consumption – A sickness usually the femmes in the books will have and die of if needed.

Rake – Is not a garden tool in modern terms, this would me a guy playaah!

Breeches – Pants.

Ton – It’s a social party place, not an amount of weight.

Stays – Used by the ladies to keep their clothes propped up if they have lost weight due to consumption. Usualy used in corsets.

Widow – Usually some experienced hot lady who could be a heroine and that her former husband was dead due to something and is now able to have hot sexings with anyone she wants with discretion.

Dance card – Held by the girl for people to fill in their names to dance with her at a ball.

Calling card – A card telling people who called on their house and is given to the help to pass the message to the call-ee.

Spinster – A person with some tragic circumstances before being whisked away by the hero to learn the joys of sexings.


I can’t remember any more since I don’t have a book with me at the moment but if any of you guys want any more, feel free to ask.

Now since today is the last day, I’m going to help you write a romance story. The kind with gropings on the cover. Well, I’ll just help you with the summary/plot anyway. Just fill in the below parts and you’d have your romance!

Get a pen and paper or type this somewhere, don’t read the below bits yet until you’re done with this. Write the items needed in each of the numbers below then replace it in the final “shell” at the bottom.

1) Choose a female name

2) Any profession/career/status

3) noun

4) noun

5) Male name

6) Any profession/career/status

7) verb

8 ) A specific time, choose day/night/o’clock/etc

9) place

10) noun



A Romance By You

(1) is a (2) bent on having a (3). Day by day she struggles with her secret that must not be told to anyone. It is a secret that involves a scandal between herself and (4).

(5) is a tortured (6). He (7) every (8), never knowing what it is to truly love someone until he met (1) at a (9). As he tries to stop himself into being plunged into her (10)’s, (1) falls deeply in love with him and wishes not to know her (4).

Will they realize that they are meant for each other?

Only YOU shall know.

And that’s it! Back to our other schedules on Monday, heh.

PS. It occurred to me that I WANT to see what your results of your romance by you story so put it under comments!

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