Pirates, vikings and barbarians! Oh my!


It’s day 2 of Romance Week and if you haven’t noticed, I’m not doing the modern romance books but more of the historical/fantasy ones with people groping each other on the cover.


These books are sponsored by Arrch by the way. Yess.

Today we’ll learn some of the types of men in these books.

In romances, the lead hero is usually a pirate/ viking/ barbarian/ Scottish rogue/ baron/ chieftain/ utterly hot thing.

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If you’re using Google Reader and seeing spam, click this title!

OKAY, I got notified by one of my friends who uses Google Reader that my entries will look like SPAM if you’re using it.


Click the the thumbnail to see. So anyway, this is a NEW issue that came up with WordPress/Google Reader.

Apparently it just happened a week ago in my search to see if anyone else had it with their RSS feed being hijacked or something.

The spam doesn’t show if you’re using anything ELSE besides Google Reader. Heck if you check the exact address of my blog feed: http://www.seriouslysarah.com/blog/feed/ , it doesn’t show.

At the moment, since this is new, I can’t fix it since I’m not some major hacker person or whatever. So I hope you guys who’re using RSS feeds to check my posts will understand and not use GR or instead click the main post to see it since I TOTALLY am not talking about viagra (correct post shows up only if you click the post even if preview is spammy).

Well, okay, I MIGHT write about it since romance week starts next week but in any case, it wouldn’t be bunches of random words strung together.

Hopefully WordPress/Google might find a fix for this issue soon.

With that, I will give you a haiku.

Le sigh viagra

Stupid spammers hijack me

How wonderful not 

Romance Week! Starts… next week.


With all these quarantine stuff and all at work/school freaking me out due to H1N1, I have proclaimed next week to be Romance Week!

That and cause my friend just sent me some new romance books. I figured I might as well make a week long episode of romance since I have quite a bit of things to say about it!

Stay tuned for romance week… next week! Feel free to publicize it cause… Oh man, it will be about the storylines and everything else that you might not possibly know about and have no idea WHY you’d wanna know about it.

Ps. I wish I could stay at home but noo, instead I get freaked out about news of people getting quarantined and stuff.

The Quest! At the library…


Those who had been reading my twitter (no, I’m not telling you what it is but it’s really easy to find anyway and I won’t tell you because if you follow me, you’d be spammed since I get really random) would have noticed me going “LE GASP!” at the latest initiative by the national library.

What is the Quest? The Quest is a story card game thingy with pretty artwork and well… You can check out their official site to know more.

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Meanwhile… the Nokia Music Store


Click the thumbnail! This is my entry for Nuffnang-Nokia contest! Basically it says to make a story out of the songs available in the Singapore Nokia Music Store! Okay, so my story’s a bit morbid but it’s actually fun trying to write something with song lyrics.

Somehow I guessed a lot of people will make some story about music but then it hit me really, what if you had a song list track as if trying to give a hint what was happening and the only way to express yourself was in code or lyrics? Duh, duh, DUH. Thus, read my “story”.

Also, I realized you CAN get a lot of music from their store and if you actually had their comes with music phone… Woah then. Anywho…

Shake Up With Nokia Comes With Music!

Get item Creative Vado HD! Gain +100 blogging points!


Item get! I got myself a Creative Vado HD from Creative (duh). I ordered it online actually since there’s a sale going on and I’d get a free travel case worth $25 during this period of time. Yes, this might mean more video footage in my posts here! How fun is that indeed.

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Flash mob or Fail mob?

Okay, Nuffnang organized a flash mob on the 13th June 2009 at 5pm. Or at least the details was “5pm till 7pm”. I was thinking flash mobs happen just within minutes so why do they need hours?

Mind you, this is the FIRST flash mob they’ve tried to organize in Singapore so if you’ve googled or yahooed about it, you’re gonna read the reactions of the people who went.

At the moment, if you searched for blog posts on it, half the people are saying it’s lame while the other half is saying it’s awesome. I’m going a bit “Ehhhh but it’s their first one so they could be better next time” since I know it must have taken quite a bit of planning and all too.

So pros and cons of the event!


These are not the flash mobbers. They’re passerby people wondering what is happening even before the flash mob started.

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