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I watched the Time Traveler’s Wife before I read the book. I’m still number 48 in the reservation list at the library with 22 books in circulation. It would take a long while for me to get it.

So anywho, I watched the movie first and I sobbed.


It was good.

This review will be more on the movie since I don’t have the book yet.


The movie has quite a lot of naked Eric Bana-s inside. He plays as Henry, the time traveler. Obviously you can’t bring your clothes along when you time travel.

More naked like the Terminator and less planned than Back to the Future since Henry can’t control his time traveling abilities.

Yay for naked Eric Bana!

And then we have Rachel McAdams playing as Clare, the ‘heroine’ of this story. It’s a really romancey story that’ll make you sob a lot.



The type of ending is expected to me if you go by BOOK RULES. If a movie is based on a book it has 80% chance of having a somewhat sad yet rather satisfying ending.

Hence the whole bunch of sobbings from everyone in the theatre. The girls sniffing into their tissues while the guys or boyfriends rub their noses in a manly way trying not to show that they were sobbing.

Oh heck yeah, it was good. Rachel played a rather convincing wife of Henry. The look on her face when she first saw him was… wow. It did look like someone who’s in love and all.

The cast were groovy, there wasn’t any fake looking acting and heh, it’s a love story. You should know how it is to be.

Since I said there was a lot of naked Eric Bana in his movie, I might as well say there’s only one instance of a naked Rachel McAdams. I can plainly remember it because all the girls in the theatre were suddenly whispering, “Oh my Gaaawd, she’s so thin! She needs to eat more!”.

And she so does.

Since this was a time traveling movie, I was expecting any errors in space time continuum like Kate & Leopold (that had a lot of obvious mistakes but heck it, it was a romance) but oooh, there wasn’t any! The writer for the story certainly planned it out very well so that was nice.

The story progression for the movie was pretty good though I will expect more details and extra things in the book whenever I get it. In summary, I liked the movie so I’m sure I’m going to get a really sobby good time whenever I get the book.

Watch it and bring tissues!

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  1. i SOBBED tooo!!!!
    eww for a naked Rachel McAdams because she looks so frigging skinny; spine and ribcage and all. eww… but Eric Baaaanaaaaa~~

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