Odex Film Fest!

It ends on the 26th which is this weekend. Mostly, it’s a Golden Village thing but there’s an event at City Square Mall where if you get free Odex Film Fest Goodie Bag with a minimum spending of $50 in a single receipt (or $100 if NTUC receipt) at the L2 Customer Service Counter.

But from what I saw, people were redeeming their goodie bags instead at the Atrium so do looksee where to go.

There’s this one station for you to check out Sword Art Online on the ps4 but I’m sure it’ll be crowded during the weekend.

Here’s the wefie booth for the Odex cosplay wefie competition. More details on their facebook post because it’s kind of complicated on how to submit.

You can pose with these posters if you want too. But mainly that’s for publicity.

And Chopper!

You know, I actually had a facebook reminder that I was posing with Chopper, 4 years ago at J-Obsession at the Cathay. I wonder if this is the same Chopper.

And here’s the stage!

It’s not too big and the tournaments and games will be happening around it. So try to come early and get a good spot cause it’s not that large of an area.

To those who managed to get the tickets for the film fest, yay you guys!

Ps. If you come to City Square. I recommend the beef noodles on the top floor. They’re really good.

Civil War… MBS Style

Note: Click to embiggen any of the pictures.

The Set Up

I would like to state that Les Miserables is going to be held at the Esplanade theatres… So.


This is one of the worst red (blue) carpet events I’ve ever attended. Like what the HECK?

The TL;DR of this is: MBS, you messed up the blue carpet. I hope you won’t mess up any more future ones.

And now we begin, after the read more cut on how much you messed up if you need actual pointers on how to fix it.

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The Huntsman Winter War

The Huntsman Winterwar

So I watched The Huntsman Winter’s War when 3 of the stars came by to Singapore. I won passes from Resorts World Sentosa (you should like their facebook, they have contests at times!) and got to watch it before it premiered everywhere here.

So yessss.

Also here’s going to be a non-spoilerific review. I LIKED IT. Some didn’t but I DID.

Plus, there’s one scene that is obviously cut in the middle of smooching.

This movie is a pre-sequel. Ignore the trailers, it is the before AND after of Snow White and the Huntsman.

What I liked about the movie is that:

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Jupiter Ascending… ASCENDED

Reaction Shots

I really like Jupiter Ascending and while there are so many websites and tumblr posts about the movie. Here is my non-spoiler reasons to watch it:

1) It is diverse. Like, ACTUAL diverse.

2) Space!Dorian is in there. You know, from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

3) Space!Dinosaur-men

4) Teeny fangs wolfy Channing Tatum

5) The lead heroine aka Jupiter is like us. Like, really.

6) Such romance. Such lines. I know some people will be screaming my name, wondering if I influenced the directors in the romantic lines (I didn’t).

7) It has a lovely story of really, the message is: What you do is not who you are.

You can be a sweeper or some minion but that’s not who you are. You are much more than that. And vice versa.

You can be a rich noble but who you really are might be a douchcanoe.


THANKS. THANKS FOR NUMBER 8 BY THE WAY. It really is. You know why?

It reminds me of times when we had Princess Bride, Legend (with the pantsless Tom Cruise) and Labyrinth.

IT HAD ENOUGH DRESS CHANGES AND PRETTY WARDROBE like it too. But yesss. All it needed was a ballroom dance scene. Was there a ballroom dance scene? I can’t remember because I was already stunned at the whole thing. PLEASE HAVE A BALLROOM DANCE SCENE IN EXTENDED VERSION.

There has to be one.

It’s like Sucker Punch with less suck.

While Sucker Punch made me go YES YES YES AND THEN no…no… nooo. After the fish dance peak in Sucker Punch, this just made me go “YOU DID NOT GO THERE. YES YOU DID GO THERE. OK. FINE. LET ME… SUPPORT YOU, JUPITER CAUSE you’re like a friend”.


For a spoilerific reaction WHY I liked Jupiter Ascending.

If you clicked this link straight without the read more, don’t read past my picture of my wrist with the word SPOILERS on it if you don’t want to be spoilered.

Or read my random ravings of the movie.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Spider-Man 2!

I got to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after being invited by Sony Pictures Singapore. THANKS SONY PICTURES!

This is going to be a SHORT review because no spoilers.

Firstly, if possible just go with the 3d option. This time the 3d isn’t a gimmick thing, it actually really works when you’re with him (Spider-Man). Just go. If you’re watching this movie, you might as well go for the 3d option because it is SO well done.

Secondly, ok this story has a VERY awesome soundtrack.

Some songs might be hipstery or well, from the trailer I think you can tell that there is a lot of dubstep going on here. Otherwise, there might be some songs or rather theme songs that make you go “Whaaaaaaaaat”?

Stan Lee of course makes an appearance and you can’t miss him this time because it’s so in your face that it is funny.

How do I describe Spidey 2. Ahhh…


Spidey 2, is GOOD.

There are some ACTION scenes that feels like it is just shoved into some points so that it won’t be called Spider-Man 2 aka Romance Adventures of a Webslinger but otherwise, just “Ahhhh” it is good. The actors and actresses are ALL very good.

From the trailers though, you can tell the thug is really “THUG” like he came out of the comics or cartoons being so over the top and so stereotypically Russian with bad accent.

There’s also a super stereotypical German scientist that it made us think of this. Ja? JA!

Also, I prefer this Spidey than the previous one because he is actually funny and witty even if there are tragic sides to him.

All the other geek sites are so going to tell you how it matches up with the comics and I won’t say it because. Really. It’s. Super. Spoilery. Also, lots of references to OTHER popculture things. Like. Harry Potter.

You might also notice a bunch of Sony products used in the movie for obvious reasons. In one scene, you would wonder if the laptop IS THAT DURABLE and if it is, wow ok. I would like it. Not to mention the internet connection for it.

In summary, just watch it. Those who read the comics/watched the cartoons will have quite a bunch of reactions for this movie. Those who don’t have a background will still go “WOW”.

When the movie finished, we went out of the cinema and talked a HECK LOAD about it and yes, it goes to show that this Spider-Man 2 is really going to go up the charts when it’s released in Singapore on May 1st!

Go book your tickets with your friends because yes. Yes, go with them to watch this for reasons.

Ps. If you stick around in the credits, you might notice a Wade Wilson. Yes, he is a real person but for those comic/cartoon fans, you might know the irony of this.



I have one more movie pass left that expires in March so that leaves me with one more movie to wait and save it for. I’ve used the other two on Hunger Games: Catching Fire (YES IT IS GOOD) and now Frozen.

Feel free to give me movie passes if you want or invite me to movie premieres since I can’t afford all of them but what I can afford are words. AND AFTER WATCHING TWO TEMPERATURE EXTREMES (Catching Fire and heh, Frozen), both give different feels but… NOT TOO DIFFERENT?

Well, there’s less killing in Frozen since it’s an animated Disney movie, duh.

I was a bit meh meh about Frozen because of the whole “femme faces are sooo hard to animate” etc etc debacle but ok, besides that I will tell you, this story is NOT Snow Queen at all.

The plot is basically, pretend that I am the princess with the snow powers with a sister. What would I do? Heck yes, I would do all that and sing while at it. Because I can be an idiot too about it.



Buckets of it?

One I would not recommend watching in 3d because it’s so hard when your tears start to pond in the glasses. Yeah, that’s for the beginning of the movie. And maybe the end too. And perhaps the middle…

I think I’m not going to watch 3d movies until they start making drainage systems in 3d glasses.

I watched it in 2d so it was all cool.


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A fan’s hope!

Fancy tickets

It’s the Singapore Design Film Festival 2013 and I managed to catch Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope! Firstly, this was held at the School of the Arts and secondly, woah. Look at the tickets. The one in gold font is the ticket holder. Paper’s by RJ Paper.

I get it yes

Yes,  design film festival, I get it. It was really designerish.


This is presented by Anonymous. Maaan, that’s so designer.

The audience!

Anyway while it wasn’t sold out, it was a packed theatre! And then the movie started and it was just… So good! There was a brief cameo by Here Be Geeks too since they went during the year it was filming.

You had the perspectives of the comic artists to be, the collectors, the fans, the cosplayers, the shop owners! Basically the people who made up Comic Con and it’s just so wow.

If you ever wanted to go there, well then the title is really well named because it really is a fan’s hope! A hope to be in the comic business, a hope to survive it. A hope to make a great show. A hope to make lasting friendships or more! It’s just so AWWWWW.

Hey Papa Palheta's here!

And it finished. The full movie was 1 hour and 26 minutes but it didn’t feel like it and the ending was just so awwwwww. Meanwhile Papa Palheta along with Books Actually were there by the ticket counters. The coffee was priced by how much you tipped! And the books were of course tagged as usual.

Anyway the Japanese Film Fest will be starting on 26 June so check that out if you wanna see non-mainstream movies. They even have RENT A CAT!

The Evening of Everything

Everything is happening on the 27th of October this year.

Don’t forget that our Nanowrimo kick-off party is at Bishan library, programme zone, level 2. The party starts at 4pm! Nanowrimoer-s sign in the book to get your nanowrimo sticker.Our party theme is DIY! If you want to bring crackers/snacks to share, feel free to do so! Best if Halal so everyone can eat it too.

Our unofficial dress code is: Wear whatever is decent to the library that you want to wear and have no occasion to, so this is the best time to wear whatever you want or show your fandom through your attire.


AND for everything else…

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The Dark Knight Rises… With Domino’s Pizza

This post is brought to you by Domino’s Pizza and Omy.sg!

Like Catwoman, I was trapped in Gotham. Instead of Gotham, it was Vivocity since I missed the last train at Harbourfront. How did I end up there even?

I got to watch The Dark Knight Rises by getting a ticket by Omy in a private theatre just reserved by Domino’s. The movie ended at midnight since it was that long.

If you’re a fan of Domino’s, you should like their Facebook page. You might win some tickets to their next movie outing for their special customers. And wow, they have quite a lot of special customers who love to buy their pizzas.

It’s cool to know that they do keep a list of special customers and give out goodies or tickets to them besides for fans who like their page.

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