SDS 1.5 – Glamorous Sky

It was Singapore’s 3rd International Kite Day (and Teens’ day) at Punggol on the 30th and 31st of January. On the Friday before that, I wanted to buy a ticket for the event but alas, it was sold out at the community centre. OH WELL. Nonetheless, they told me I could buy a ticket at the event itself! So that’s alright. Guest starring: Avariel and Miz Divine (plus boyfriend)!

So my father was dropping me off at Punggol. I arrived to see lots of kites in the air, so I knew it was the correct field. Meanwhile, they had a little bazaar there with kite stalls and the odd merchandise of bags or uh, aloe vera lotion.

Miz Divine being my hand model here as she shows off my ticket. It was just $3 and entitled me for a chance at a lucky draw and a goodie bag! I wanted the goodie bag more since it IS kite day and they pretty much had one stuffed into the bag.

When I opened my bag and looked at Miz Divine (she came earlier than me and was sitting in the main tent), she said yes, it was an apple. That was… healthy of them. Heh, besides that, there was a bottle of sugarless green tea (Pokka, I think) that I finished cause it was a hot day, a tissue packet, sweets, pamphlets about crime prevention and saving electricity and most importantly, the kite!

Woooh, kite! Okay, I looked at the instructions and it pretty much said I should attach the stick onto the kite and tie the string to the hole in the middle. MD’s boyfriend came back from flying his kite and helped me tie it while MD took turns to fly hers! We did a taking turns thing since we put our stuff at the seats of the main tent and it would be bad if there was no one to look after them.

By the way, this is she. You should check out her webby for cool custom jewelry whenever she has it opened. She only does it in some seasons so yeah, first come, first served! Meanwhile, Avariel was being late on the purple line but she would eventually get there, just only thirty or so minutes later.

You have no idea how difficult it is to steer a kite and hold up a DSLR to take this shot. ANYWHO, flying a kite was like fishing in the sky! It was pretty fun! I did this with Avariel when she finally arrived and took pics of her flying a kite too.

We took a break after kiting because it really was a sunny day. The kites at the bazaar was totally cool and huge! There was one Spiderman kite too and other assorted characters or animals.

We watched other people kiting too, it was a pretty good day to fly a kite! In the midst of the kiting, there were lucky draws and a performance. Besides kiting, there were activities for teens such as soccer and other games too.

Anywho, there were professional stunt kite performances, kites from various countries and stuff. Yes, that’s a petai (green bean) kite from Malaysia you see in the second picture. The one which is a dragon needed a bunch of people to pull it up and set the head, it was pretty beautiful when you got to see it launch into the air.

And since it was a very hot day, heh I had an ice cream from the ice cream man there. It was delicious.

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