Meowy! Meowy!

There’s a quote about cats and writers that I can’t remember but behind every writer that’s a cat or something like that. Well, at least I know most of the award winning writers have cats so HMM. Clearly I need one too.

Well, I can’t have one so instead, I have a rental cat.


So it’s not really a rental cat. It’s more of a community cat! A stray kitty that’s not really that stray because in the dictionary it says stray is:

  • a domestic animal found wandering at large or without an owner
  • any homeless or friendless person or animal

For one thing, since when cats have owners? Ok, you can say you own a cat but they technically own you in a way and besides this kitty isn’t friendless! It has meeeeeeeeeeee and whoever else! That picture was taken last year in December near Christmas. Note the black and tabby! Also this was before my old camera died hence the quality!

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