Make your own popular supernatural romance!

The lovely crew that I usually go adventures with have a tendency to gravitate towards bookstores. This is not a tragedy for I gravitate to such places of literature too. However, as we made our rounds through Kinokuniya, such hilarity occurred for in the young adult section had an influx of a certain type of book. Thus, I have made a so called “generator” of sorts below for youto make your own popular supernatural romance!

The instructions.

  • Open up Word, notepad or whatever text editor you have, copy paste the below EXACTLY as it is. Do not press the more cut yet. Replace the words below and do not write in any numericals. Spell them out if you please.
  • Once done, click the more cut and copy paste the text into your text editor. Do not read it, go back to the top and use ctrl+F or apple+F (if you’re on a mac) and replace the words. For example, copy the symbol @ without the bracket and use the replace all function with the noun you have written down.
  • If you have done this correctly, bravo! The words should have been replaced in the correct positions.

1) Name of lead character

2) Age

3) Relative

4) Number

5) Noun

6) Noun

7) Adjective

8 ) Emotion (past tense)

9) Noun

@) Noun

#) Object

$) Colour

%) Adjective

^) Animal

&) Noise (past tense)

*) Adjective

+) Noun

-) Name of the other lead character.

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