Dog Days Are Over…

Volume 2 of Real Escape Game Singapore just ended. Considering this is posted on Mondays, yep, it has ended. Volume 2’s episode was “Escape from the Werewolf Village” and ran from Friday till Sunday at *scape warehouse.

Six people to a table and thus I’ve picked my own team of friends. In fact, I’ve enough people to make more than one team. I did tell you guys which day and slot I was going for in my monthly adventures post.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to bring six friends with you to play, you’ll just be added to other people who registered for the game so hey, teamwork!

OH interesting fact, a lot of my other friends exited the warehouse and either wailed in despair or were triumphant in their quest to escape in the time slot before mine. I totally knew it was going to be that good of a game for volume 2.

My table number! And… no. We didn’t escape in the end AGAIN. Without revealing anything of the games, I can say that it is challenging and you’ve to remember your wordplay and puzzles. Try playing Professor Layton games or something.

The sad bit was that we were SO CLOSE AGAIN that even the emcee commented about it. ARRRRGH. Great dialogue and storyline too.

No one seemed to find it boring, it was just that exciting with all the presentations by the emcee and the [CENSORED] and the [CENSORED]! You just have to try it for yourself.

Four teams made it out for our batch. Kakitaraisho of Here Be Geeks‘ group managed to escape. AGAIN. They did it for volume 1, they did it for volume 2 too. Third time’s a charm, we WILL escape like them next time.

And yes, there is a next time! Volume 3 is called The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad! DUH DUH DUH! In addition to that, an online version of the real escape game will be held later in the year.

It’s a solo quest thing where you’ll be competing with everyone else in the world who’s playing it.

Join us all in volume 3 to escape this mad doctor’s place! Check out the Real Escape Game Singapore’s facebook page here to keep updated on when the games will begin again…

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