Spore-con 2012!

Spore con is getting better and better every year! Held at Pasir Ris East Community Club, it’s quite a far off place to get to but there’s lots of participants and attendees going there since it opened in the morning at 9am!

I arrived at around 10.30am so close enough. We had a panel on writing speculative fiction in one of the rooms there.

Jo has more about this in her post here.

Before you get upstairs where the analog games are, you’re greeted with a large Monopoly game! The locations you land on are all in the east side, including Pasir Ris East Community Club.

Yam Ah Mee play money. It’s a game by the People’s Association after all. Heh.

You might be wondering what’s behind the Monopoly game there. Yes. YES IT IS AN ANGRY BIRDS GAME.

Joelyn demonstrates how you play the real life version. We won some Angry Birds erasers too!

I played quite a lot of games. It’s free for you to learn there. Ticket to Ride – a railway building game, Subbuteo – a soccer game in which we were so slow, it was as if the players were walking and Village Pillati which is so evilly good. It’s like Jenga but with more suspense!

There was a dungeons & dragons session going on, on Sunday too. Why yes, that’s a demon hunter over there. I forgot what the other one is.

Oh and not to forget, when you register as you come in, you get this achievement points card and a goodie bag!

We received vouchers from Paradigm Infinitum to spend for completing some of the tasks! Huzzah!

For the one that says Hakuna Matata, we found two guys with Timon and Pumba on the back of their t-shirts and I started to say part of the song with my friends there.

You don’t have to sing it though but it’s just fun to do so.

And that’s it for this year’s! They had artists and panels and games! I want to join a miniature figurine painting competition next year.

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