The first SG Handmade Movement!

Going up!

Fort Canning green. That’s where the first Handmade Movement Singapore  would be held on the 19th January 2013.

It didn’t stop raining.

Free Milo!

My first stop was THE MILO TRUCK. Or van if you prefer. The Milo was free and it’s always free whenever you see this vehicle at sports events, schools and anywhere it is invited really.

Everyone likes the Milo truck. It is beautiful. Oh Milo…

The crowd in the main tent

Considering that it rained the whole day, it was amazing that the tents and mini tents with activities, silk screen printing or food were all busy!


And every booth really was unique. There was so many different craft items or stuff you can use to decorate your home.

Natural infusions to use as soap etc. People from the Science Centre Books from Murdoodles

From lotions made of natural products. Activity booths like one from the Science Centre and stationery that are oh so gorgeous cause they’re handmade, I HAVE NO IDEA why we didn’t know all these shops before this!



Red velvet cupcake and a hotdog

The others bought quite a bit of cards, table runners etc. I bought a red velvet cupcake and hotdog from Polka Dot Pleasures (heh heh, they’re Halal).

Tricks & Cider

Tricks & Cider were also playing. And their set list is like what we would have played if we could actually play instruments and sing! IT WAS RAINING AND THEY SANG ON MY OWN (from Les Miserables).

The organizers!

The information counter was where you could get official Handmade Movement SG merch. If you had supported their indiegogo funding, this was where you collected your items too.

By kickthatmo

By the way, these guys were lining up the pathway to the tents. Art by kickthatmo and some of them were accompanied by little balloons. A very cute touch cause each one was different!

Anyway, for it being such a rainy day, being the first event of this kind and that there were crowds, woaaah it seems successful! Hope to see another one next year.

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