Shooooot for charity

The shooting range!

We went to the HomeTeamNS club at Bukit Batok! Because of a fun shoot!

Charity shoot!

A charity fun shoot for Aishah. Click to enlarge that. The fun shoot is over but you can still do private donations, check their facebook at Help Aishah Fun Shoot to ask how to give in the email in the poster above.

Our tickets!

Our tickets. We get to have 10 shots of either a rifle or pistol.

Intro video

First, a video briefing by Aishah as she teaches us how to aim using either the pistol or rifle.

The whole thing was super casual and pretty friendly cause the national shooting team and all the members of the shooting club were there to help out with the event. From registry to the shooting range.

That's Jo!

And this is Jo! I took the pistol with her and Lina and Raven went for the rifles.


And that’s a rifle. It was fun! Considering this was at the shooting range, we went because the proceeds were going to help Aishah out and also, we really like shooting things. You need to take up a course or workshop first before you can go to this shooting range anyway or join a club.

For safety and all that cause even though these are air pistols and air rifles, they are still weapons and should be treated properly.

The bullets we learned are made of lead and gee, it is really cool trying to hit the target.

No, you counted right.

This is my target card! No, you counted right. Uh, the other four hit the lights above the target. I take time to calibrate okay?


This is Raven’s! She used the rifle and Aishah was there to autograph our target cards. SHE COULD TELL WHO USED WHAT. I mean from the bullet marks on our cards she could tell who used the pistol and the rifle since she is a professional.

Group shot! HAH, group SHOT!

A GROUP SHOT! HA HA, get it. She was there for signings and the such. If it’s possible, we wanna go to the shooting range again.

OH HEY! The Today paper posted this on Sunday, 19 May 2013,  while I was writing this post (Yeah, I schedule my Monday posts on Sunday):

SINGAPORE: A total of S$130,000 has been raised for former national shooter Aishah Samad, who lost all her limbs due to gangrene. The amount raised will go towards purchasing a pair of advanced prosthetic hands and legs for the mother of two.

A two-day charity fun-shoot held over the weekend aimed to raise S$100,000 for Aishah.


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