Like Hollywood?

Across Mustafa Centre

It was like Hollywood, but not since it was near Mustafa Centre yesterday. I was there with the company to do a multi-cam coverage for it. The professionals would do the camera work and vision mixing, I was there to help out with anything else.

And there was quite a bit of anything else.

It really looks grand.

The only time when that area around Mustafa really looked like Hollywood.

Also, it was pretty scary since all the fans were leaning against the barricades and then it was like Les Miserables but not because there’s no French revolution going on. That street is so narrow so you also get to see lorries and whatnot driving past until a certain porsche appeared with the brand ambassador aka guest star of the whole event.

AND THEN the crowd screamed and the clambering and whatnot happened.

Suriya is in the middle

That’s him, there. In the middle. It’s Suriya, a Kollywood star. He is as hot in real life as he is on screen. And there he is doing the opening ceremony of the 103th store of Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Singapore.

Upclose with Suriya

He’s very professional about it. With all the screaming fans and crowds, even with the restricted number of guests inside the shop, there was crowding all around and he was so calm!

After going through all the three floors in the building for the special sales to the first few customers and after the press conference of launching a new line of jewelry, he went to backstage for his speech to fans.

Thankfully security and other events people managed to press back the barricades so they wouldn’t fall down because that’s a heck load of people. So that’s quite an experience. Being on the other side with the superstar to keep everyone safe.

It's a vision mixer

Meanwhile, upstairs, if you ever wanted to see how a multi-cam set up works in real life and not in school, it looks somewhat like this.

Then the vision mixer/ director calls the shots to the cameramen on the various floors with the headset.

Pau bhaji, paneer and naan.

They most interesting bit for me after all the main event is over, there’s still food left so it was break time for us. Interesting because I have no idea what some of the stuff are. The above is pau bhaji and I just put one of the chickpeas gravy on it and there’s naan and paneer!

The cheese is roasted with peppers and that’s such a delicious combo. Should do it for barbeques.


Stuff I have no idea what the name is. It’s chaat but chaat is a generic word like kueh or tidbits.

It had potatoes, lentils, rice krispies that you add yourself from the bowl there, muruku bits and lots of other ingredients!

It was sweet yet savoury, a mixture of tastes with a hint of mint and sooo good.

I overheard this was Bombay styled chaat.

Panipuri Gulab jamun

The first is panipuri and the second is gulab jamun and some other sugary treat.

I’ve never tried panipuri before this since haven’t been to proper Indian restaurants before.

It’s… sweet yet spicy and you want to have more as the flaky exterior crumbles in your mouth and the liquid drips down your chin as you try to eat all in one go.

I should hope to find a place that sells this so that I can get my friends to try it. They’ve eaten gulab jamun and the other one I forgot the name of before since you can find those easily in sweet stores along Serangoon road/ Little India.

So far besides that, this weekend is NANOWRIMO KICK-OFF PARTY day. And also the day I go for the Race the Dead run in the morning at Sentosa. I’ve got my stuff ready to pack. Will be wearing a wristband and a waist pouch to put my stuff in so I don’t have to bring a bag along.

Plus, I’m renting a gopro from Camera Rental Centre. I don’t want to record in super high resolution like 4k or anything since it’s just gonna be for web so hopefully the memory card will last as long as my run.

It’ll be quite a Friday tomorrow as I will be signing a contract for SOMETHING which you all will know shortly after that. Then to pick up said camera and then to gym training in the evening!

What will I write for nano this year? Well, I have a few days to figure out. That and the widget for word count which I STILL haven’t found one yet.

If not, I’ll probably do a X/X words thing instead but there’s no pretty bar if I do that.

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