The war memorial

I went to Leap Day geocaching event in Singapore on 29 February 2016 (Duh). The coordinates were pretty much obvious and there were instructions on where to find them.

Since I was in the area, I took a more scenic route and went past the Civilian War Memorial.

If you guys noticed, if you went via underground routes, it feels so much longer to get to the other buildings?

You’re right.

I read/watched a report on tv once when they had descendants or families of those buried(??) there who got to check the place out. I mean, it’s special access only for some memorial anniversary or something but tl;dr what I remembered is that there’s a cemetery underneath that they don’t want to disturb because it’s the war memorial’s.

Nifty huh?

Also they probably don’t want to scare people and tourists about it.

Now, back to geocaching.

The view!

Click to embiggen but ah, what a sight from the top of the Esplanade. There is a rootop there you know and the Esplanade does have tours where you can visit the roofs just fyi.

I haven’t done that yet but for now, just looking out from the sky terrace is enough.


The meetup was somewhere there, I saw one familiar face due to Nanowrimo so heh, that was neat.

So officially this was my first “cache” a special meet up I got to log in!

It’s interesting since I got to see trackables and silly me, I DIDN’T LOG THOSE IN.

Never mind, I’m new to this.

You know I like adventures, solving mysteries and pretty much Lara Crofting my way into things.

Also, I get lost and this is pretty fun when I can check the gps and find out I’m near a cache in the middle of nowhere (?!).

So in the words of many of us here “Might as well”.

A cache!

I also did find my FIRST cache on my own a few days after that.

An easy difficulty one but it was so exciting! My first cache and the way it was hidden is so ingenious?!

I got super excited as I wrote my name on the log sheet in it, clicked that I logged this particular cache in my account and then rehid it where it was discreetly.

These items are all over Singapore, places I’ve passed by many times and wow, they’re actually there and now I’m out to find them.

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