Kick off your cosplay journey with Lazada voucher codes and ShopBack

Hellooo everyone!

I have been invited to try and review ShopBack!


It’s new to me and I went ooh because Shopback shows you the best deals and promotions online so it’s kinda like DISCOUNTSS for places you might be shopping online for.

Really, I usually google “discount code for X shop” and then try all the codes of whatever I find and then go boohiss because I can’t find any for the ‘local’ online stores here when it’s not sale season but they seem to have them!

Throw Monies
OR if not discounts, how about getting your cashback?

You can find out more on ShopBack’s faq but the tl;dr version is you get cash back after you paid the full price of the thing you wanted. You can then cash it out into your bank account once you hit the minimum of $10 of cashback in your ShopBack account.

It shouldn’t be new to you if you’ve ever done an Aunty thing and used specific cards at specific stores to buy things full price and get cashback because you used the card.

So this time! You can actually get cash back by buying stuff on the online stores and going through this. HAH!

Anyway, you can save with Lazada coupons, that’s where I got my medikit, tactical pens and stuff you can use for props or gear.

Doll yourself up with Sephora vouchers because I can’t be hecked to go to the actual store when I’m too busy in real life.

Or go on an affordable staycation with Agoda discount codes.


If not staycation, vacation is also ok because there’s going to be an upcoming Comic Art Festival in Kuala Lumpur in 28 and 29 May. SO HMMM, anyone wants to go for that?

Also, since we’re all online now, you can also find the best promotions and offers on gadgets and cameras at the IT Show 2016 without actually going to Suntec this year.

And since it is going to be cosplay season soon.


Did you know…


Bye friends, byeeeeeee. If you don’t want your cashback, come. I help buy for you your thing and then get money back for it. Thanks, thanksss!

Ps. If you want to use Taobao they actually have a series of web videos officially saying how to use it. Watch below!

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