The Huntsman Winter War

The Huntsman Winterwar

So I watched The Huntsman Winter’s War when 3 of the stars came by to Singapore. I won passes from Resorts World Sentosa (you should like their facebook, they have contests at times!) and got to watch it before it premiered everywhere here.

So yessss.

Also here’s going to be a non-spoilerific review. I LIKED IT. Some didn’t but I DID.

Plus, there’s one scene that is obviously cut in the middle of smooching.

This movie is a pre-sequel. Ignore the trailers, it is the before AND after of Snow White and the Huntsman.

What I liked about the movie is that:

It’s evil.

It’s so evil. Queen Ravenna is back in her most evil way and her sister Freya has mommy issues? More like, she is a mommy and she has issues with not being it.

It’s also just so mixed fandom?

Somehow like Elsa’s so angry and then the Terminator is back to kill everyone.

And Elsa borrowed the Narnia’s witch pets to ride on and well…

Just watch because it makes you go “WHAT? WHATTTTTTT???”.

The twists and turns might want to make you wait for a third movie since they’re setting it up for that.

One thing is for sure, it’s definitely better than the first movie.

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Well, this is seriously Sarah and that's all you need to know for now.

One thought on “The Huntsman Winter War”

  1. Seriously better than the original Snow White?!

    I’ve been reading reviews, trying to figure out if I want to spend money to catch it in cinemas, and MOST of the reviews are truly terrible, also prising the first movie for making more sense???

    Haha. I’m tight on cash tho, probably not watching in cinemas. One good review vs. too many other bad reviews. Not worth taking the chance.
    (And it was kinda confirmed that they didn’t give Singapore office any credits, so fuck it. Not gonna bother.)

    Am I still bitter?
    Hell yes I am.
    Am I justified in feeling bitter?
    You’d better fucking believe it.

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