Urban Armor Gear!

The box!

Ok, I’m just gonna say you can get your Urban Armor Gear at Lazada on my link here because at least they’ll deliver to you at Lazada.

You can still get the cases in store though cause I’ve seen them around (just make sure they’re genuine?).

I’m stating this now cause it’s gonna be ‘holiday’ season soon and it’s best to get your phones protected before you go on trips and try take pics with your phone etc.

The SAD thing is that I’m using an OPPO so I can’t use UAG cases.

Heck, for my specific phone model, I can’t even get nifty cases so the second best way is… GET MY FRIENDS (they use more mainstream phones) to use the cases cause when they’re on adventure with me, well, what better way for them to take pics of me instead?


Anyway, tl;dr version. If you can afford your phone, you can afford this case to protect it. Yes, it has more colours than pink and also, it has protectors for ipads, Samsung, macbook airs and even Surface Pros.

Anywho, I passed this particular case to my friend since she accompanies me to events and stuff too.

The back

It really is light and has bumpers and well. It really is tough.

I KNOW there are other cases that can go through AHEM, tough situations but this is the LIGHTEST one there is if you don’t need to worry about going underwater.

Without the phone

See, so cute! Well, this is without the phone yet.

With the phone!

With the phone in it! Yep, it has open ports for where your camera is, headphone jack etc. The volume toggle is protected though since it’s at the side so you can press the button for increasing and decreasing the volume just fine.

Close up

That little edge there protects the screen if it falls flat down. However. If you kinda dropped it on a sharp rock in the MIDDLE of the screen, well. You definitely need a special screen protector for that instead.


You can still charge your phone. Mind you, while this is protected from shocks and drops, do remember this case is not magical and will NOT make your phone waterproof.

From the front

This case has not been taken off ever since I passed this to my friend and it has gone through:

  1. Accidental drops at home and work (she screamed “AHHHh-oh” because the case protected it)
  2. Mosh worthy red carpets with raging fans who pushed around and get in a crush
  3. Concert gigs

And much more because if you’ve read my adventures on this blog. Well, I drag them around so it’s that kind of intense. If it can last my kind of adventures, it can last general activities.

Ok, this is from their own official vids. I don’t think you’re gonna toss your phone dramatically out a car but if you do, well, it’ll be ok.

In summary…


I can’t but it makes me go “WHYY, WHYYY can’t I have a regular phone to fit any case” SO YOU GUYS CAN SAVE YOURSELVESSS PHONES from heartaches if you ever keep dropping them or for accidental sitting/smooshing on them.

This case is Sarah approved and that’s how you know it is HARDCOOOOOOOOOORE.

FUN TIP: Tie a lanyard at the bottom (since it has ‘vents’ for your ports) to put around your wrist when taking pictures. This is not the ‘official’ way but your phone won’t pop out the case and this is the second best precaution if you’re over a cliff (PLEASE DON’T SELFIE AND FALL OVER) and don’t want to lose your phone should you let go. I mean, the phone will be ok but you’ll have to search for it.

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