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On production, I usually get there earlier than others. Usually anyway. I tend to usually try panorama mode on my phone while I sit down and wait.

Anyway, that’s Punggol jetty.

I wouldn’t have gone there unless I had to and wow, it does look great.

There’s a boat or a ferry coming by and I learned that it goes to Outward Bound School or Pulau Ubin camp 1 and 2 area.

I doubt it’s for everyone though since it’s chartered only for participants and the people who work there.

If you know more about the boats from Punggol jetty, let me know! I do want to know where exactly it goes and how do I get on it.

Before sunrise

Before sunrise you can see the lights from the refineries and even Malaysia.

Darn it that I can’t take a boat across because that’s where my grandmother’s kampong is and there’s a restaurant that sells reaaaally nice seafood.

I wondered if there was a food delivery service where you just sail to the middle of the border and the other side sails there too and gives me the fried fish and sambal.

Then I thought, isn’t that how smuggling is like and that’s probably illegal even though it’s just fish. DARRRRRN IT.

Morning cat!

I like to take first cat of the day pictures too. If there’s a cat around, then that place is pretty okay.

Another cat!

Cat for luck! This is another location but hey, a skittish kitty!


We had a night shoot, somewhere near Jalan Besar stadium. You know the areas with the hipster cafes and whatnot. If you look down on the roads of some alleyways…

Chasing ghosts. #singapore

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You might find ghosts.

Heh, there was a pacman maze in the middle of it all somehow.


In the early morning around 3am, the SCDF came by driving. Not sure why there were at least two trucks and a police car but maybe it was a hoax?

Still, they went past our production to investigate a building nearby.

Making bird friends

Welp, a few more days till it ends!

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