How to Use Skillsfuture credits

Ok. So it was ‘sale’ week on Udemy and I had been waiting for these courses to be on offer even if I wasn’t going to be paying them ‘myself’.

What better way to spend my Skillsfuture monies on courses I can just learn online at my own time?

Since I got the $500 credits, I should try to spend it when there are ‘offers’ so that I’ll be able to take more classes elsewhere too anyway.




I signed up for some others but these two were able to be claimed via the Skillsfuture website.

Step one, you GOT to have the monies to pay for these courses first.

Any of the courses you want to sign up for that’s eligible for the credits, you have to pay first.

Then claim.


On the website just search using that part there before you even log in to see if the course you want is claimable.


That week on Udemy had the courses I wanted on offer so I didn’t have to pay their ‘full’ price.

If you’re going for Udemy, sometimes you can wait out for their discounts. It doesn’t happen that often but if you can wait, then it might be worth it.

Or not wait because in the end you’ll get it for free if eligible to claim anyway.

I used paypal to pay because it is most useful since you need a receipt to claim your credits.

Easier to screenshot your receipt.

You need to save your receipt for whatever course you take ok?


Next, sign up and log in to Skillsfuture website.

In your profile, put in your bank details so that they can transfer you the money.

It says it takes 7 working days to complete the claim (you need to attach your receipt as proof) and it really was 7 days for me!

submit a claim

Click select a course.

select course

This window pops up. Just click search and press done once you find it.

Fill in details, huzzah, you have done it!

If you’ve already started a course and paid for it, the website says you can still claim for it if it is eligible and if it starts after 1 January 2016.


And beep beep, since I put in my handphone number, it notifies me when the monies are back in my bank account!

That’s it to it. And now you know how to claim your skillsfuture credits.

  1. Find the course on the Skillsfuture website
  2. Pay it yourself
  3. Save receipt, take picture or screenshot
  4. Submit claim
  5. Wait for them to disburse to you while you go study/take the course

The end!

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