The new teams of NE.Mation! 11 My Teams.

Hey everyone, it’s a new format this year and I’m the ambassador for 5 teams! Well co-ambassador? This time all 10 teams will have two ambassadors to spread more info about them!

Anyway, let me give you a brief intro of each of the teams I’ll be ambassadoring(?) for this round of N.E.mation! So you’ll know at least a bit more of them before I showcase about the teams individually for this period of three (well, this post is week 2 of 3 for them).

In no particular order…

IMPOSSIBRO (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School)


I asked why is their team called Impossibro and they told me it was a meme.

“What bro”
“tell the whole world that we’re bros”
*whispers* “we’re bros”
“why’d you whisper bro?”
“because you’re my whole world bro”
“b r o”

2d stuff!

Anyway, they’re planning to do something with 2d but with also paper. So it’s kind of a mixed media? YOU SHALL SEE.

Follow their instagram here: Impossibro

Geekstrux (Crescent Girls’ School)


Why Geekstrux… They wanted to drive a truck on the road to success and to make it cooler they added an ‘x’. So uh, GEEKSTRUX IT IS.

Assets for their stuff

They are doing it fully in 2d and thus they all have to draw their assets first before animating it all. Don’t forget to press save, girls!

Also, when I visited them, they were really shy and their instructor told me once in that week, they were really quiet and were eating snacks…around the bin because they didn’t want crumbs on the carpeted floor. So sweet!

Anyway, follow them on instagram here: Geekstrux

Doughnuts & Donuts (Cedar Girls’ Secondary School)

Doughnuts and Donuts

Plainly. Their name is because… they were hungry. Really, that’s it. If they would have gotten in the top 100, one of their members would have bought a box of donuts from them.

They haven’t… until this day.


Well, they brought OTHER food but not donuts yet! Also, do you guys spell it as doughnuts or donuts?

I like to spell it as donuts.

As for their production, it’s going to be 2d based too!

Something about snake and ladders. HMMMM.

Look see their instagram here: Doughnutsandonuts

Dinosoar (Kent Ridge Secondary School)


Dinosoar is because they forgot their password for Dying Giraffe (they watched a nature programme about giraffes) and well, dinosaurs are cool. Interesting fact, they’re the only fully Malay team in the top 10 and not many of their schoolmates even know they got through yet!

Like a surprise for the school, maybe?


Not gonna show you what they’re doing yet but do know they are going fully 2d for this. Rotoscoping (a technique to trace) for some parts but this is going to be all animated on the computer.

Come give your support and like their instagram here: Dinosoar

Cedar3 (Cedar Girls’ Secondary School)


Lastly but not least, hehehe we have Cedar3!

This is their second time for some of them to get to the top 10.

They are dead inside look.

They told me this is their dead inside look. It’s going to be tough as they are one classmate short and then it will be a tag team as one of them has to go on holiday with parents too. BUT THEY WILL MAKE IT.

What is their technique for their production? It’s going to be a stop motion thing but I can’t really describe it that well because it has watercolour and a lot of timing too.

We’ll see… we’ll see.

Come like follow their instagram here: Cedar3

The Teams

  1. Impossibro
  2. Geekstrux
  3. Doughnuts & Donuts
  4. Dinosoar
  5. Cedar3

These are the five teams to look out for and for you to come support them!