Boxed in like a panda at Artbox Singapore

Drop at Bayfront mrt, walk out of Marina Bay Sands and you’ll get to Artbox Singapore.

That was the first afternoon opening of it and it was totally wet due to the rain.

There’s an online map but mainly here’s a tip if you’re going there. The part in pink I circled is where the crowd is because that’s where all the food is.

Everyone is going in that direction so the ‘art’ side is a bit lesser.

Still a crowd but not as much as the dining area.

And now let me tell you the story of Thailand and pandas because I went twice to Artbox since I was on a mission and everyone is probably telling about tips to go to Artbox.


The first time was on a ‘blogger’s tour’ on Friday which turned into free and easy because of the rain.

I was wandering off maybe to see if I could get nicer shots (I didn’t because it really was raining that heavily) and after a call to Max and Jo about their whereabouts since I heard they were there too, I said bye cause they had went off to dryer places like Bugis to eat food.

I turned around from the honest bee stall and then as I was about to go to the exit I paused.

I saw pandas.

Specifically this.

I went up to them as they were setting up shop and asked “Panda-ism??” and they said yes!

I can’t even.

Because I bought the artist’s (the one on the left) book while I was in Thailand (yes, the post about my trip via train will be up here eventually).

IT REALLY WAS HIM aka Kai3Studio.

He asked me if I got the book from Thailand and yes, of course because you can’t get it in Singapore.

When my friends and I went to a bookshop in the Bangkok Arts & Culture centre, we bought some comics and art stuff. I bought Pandism because after flipping through it, I was all YES. I MUST GET THIS.

It has a Thai and English version, naturally I took the English version since I couldn’t read Thai.

The thing is, while were were in Thailand (just last month!!), we wondered if we would be able to see him at Chatuchak because the info in his book said that he had a stall there but it was printed a few years ago.

We didn’t find him cause Chatuchak is pretty complicated so we were all “Oh well… just our luck”.

And then I just.

Chanced upon him like that.

On home turf.

THE BOOK I GOT in Thailand is on the right. Pandism (virus panda) by Pittaya Werasakwong.

Since I saw him, I just bought some of his merch too, like the badges and the postcard.

Like heck am I going to lose an opportunity to get my book signed since he told me he was only there for the first weekend of Artbox!

I had to return with my book the next day.

“If shivering the heart of those who appreciate the beauty of Art is its purpose, this book succeeds the expectation”.

I loled so much about this book ok. It is DEEP yet it has just weird plots for some of the stories.

One of the stories features three female panda friends. And well, you see this is a hot panda guy named Justin.

The moral of that story, well. I like the author/artist note for it. He just wanted to draw the boob slap there and then made the story around it.

Anyway, after everyone going all “DON’T GO ARTBOX, IT IS CROWDEEED”, I still needed to go.

So I went and charged my way through Saturday afternoon to get to his booth again and got my book signed. IT WAS SO NICE hahahahahaha.

He even sketched me on the front page.

And that is the story of the random encounter of meeting the artist from Thailand at Artbox Singapore when I bought my book in Thailand and came back home to Singapore.


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