RPG Day at Cairnhill CC

It was the first RPG Day I attended on the 17th of June this year. Not sure if it was the first RPG Day in Singapore though but it was held at Cairnhill CC which was quite convenient since it was so close to Newton MRT. Entry was free and I knew there were going to be free games to play or try out and tourneys.

Aircon! So good, it was so hot outside. And hey everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at the tables. The games available were various D&D campaigns, Star Wars minis and a few card games.

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Geylang Ramadan Bazaar 2017

Mostly, I keep going to the Geylang bazaar is to just hope and find that one shop ever since it closed years ago. Anatolia. I miss it and before it closed shop at Far East Plaza, they used to have a stall at the bazaar. Le sigh. If you know any of the staff or the boss, tell them that I miss their salads and the lahmacun and my friends miss the pide and kebabs too.

Anyway, since then I keep going to it just to have a glimpse, to see if I will see them return.

For now, this post is for those friends who aren’t in Singapore and want to see how the bazaar is like now.

Warning. Lots of food pictures.

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Buy Britney Spears tickets in Singapore

EDIT: YAY! Sold off to a fellow fan.

Help buy our tickets! We’re selling at cost price.

Two Britney tix going for original price! Section 222, Row 15, seats 3&4. $472/ticket.

This includes the booking fee we paid on sportshub.

You’d be sitting there.

Contact her on that twitter account or just comment here in this post with your details. My comments are all moderated anyway so others won’t see you personal details if you leave your phone/email here.

TL;DR why we have this?

I bought two tickets and she also bought two tickets because we were scared the Britney tickets would sell out ever since that Ed Sheeran incident. So now we have 2 spares. PLEASE BUY FROM US. The concert’s happening on 30 June.