This is Home Truly at Cine65

I was invited to the media briefing of ciNE65 IV at Objectifs where I learned more about this season of competitors and the winning films.

Of course I got to know who they were before the actual event half an hour later but shhh. Shhh.

It was informative because the judges were able to tell the media what went through for this year’s entries since the actual awards ceremony would celebrate the participants more.

That’s Colonel Joseph Tan, the director of Nexus by the way. (His favourite out of all the entries is Ang Ku Kueh.)

He stated the students category this year blew him away.

Jeremy Sing of SINdie also noted that with the rise of technology, there had been very interesting shots although a bit unnecessary? He recalled a scene where the shot began in the kitchen and it went out of it and then pulled out to the HDB flat.

I guess that’s pretty interesting but so extra but hey if you got access to a drone, USE IT RIGHT? Hahahah.

Other judges like Sanif Olek preferred the messaging for this year as it is more subtle compared to the first time Cine65 was out. The stories had heart. For judge, N.Mohamed Yahssir, he found that it brought him back memories of Singapore as many of the short films try to bring the nostalgic feel in their stories.

And then off to the actual awards ceremony! It’s held at Joyden Hall at Bugis+ and well, it’s so fancy.

If you ever want to experience this, maybe you should try joining short film competitions.

Interviews with some of the film makers…

A packed auditorium of people…

And then it starts! With just a brief intro of who the judges and mentors for the competition were.

With the opening speech by the guest of honour, Senior Minister of State for Defence, Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman. It was a pretty succinct speech that congratulated the filmmakers and reminded us to be wary of terrorism and to cherish what we have.


I like the format of CiNE65. They keep the opening speech as it is, introduce hosts and judges and get to the point since everyone wants to know who wins!

There are student and open categories and in both, there were many sub categories that the teams could win like best actor, actress, editing, sound design, screenplay, cinematography, audience choice awards and even an inter-school challenge trophy.

Edmund Chen was there to present for the winners of the Audience Choice Awards.

You guys should actually watch it cause the stories are pretty good, just watch them at the CiNE65 channel.

The Overall Best Film Award was the award with the biggest prize though. The winner would win a cash prize of $3000, a learning trip to an International Film Festival, submission to an international film festival and a Panasonic 4K Professional Camcorder (mode AG-DVX200).


Congratulations to the team for The Red Packet.

When I first saw it, I was all WAHHHH NOOO. SO MUCH FEELS.

Here, watch it.

Anyway, try enter for next season when it is out.

For me, I’m kinda impressed at the entries this year. There’s a futuristic story too with a dystopian Singapore where we have to fight to survive? You all can try guess which one it is by checking out the entries. Bwuahahah.

Maybe I’ll try to join next season… I’ll have to see what the theme is.

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