12.12 Lazada Surprise Boxes!

You might have missed Pocky day or 11/11 Surprise Boxes day from Lazada but fret not. It’s back for 12/12! 12 December is the day that you probably shouldn’t miss.

For just $29, you can get surprise boxes with items worth more than $100 and if you aren’t in time to purchase the boxes, there’s still a sale on Lazada with discounts up to 90%.

Anyway, you’re probably here to know what’s the Asus x Lazada surprise box. Just know that all boxes might not be the same but it is still worth $100.

If this is the first time you’re trying this, here’s a plan.

  1. Log into your Lazada account ( If you’re one of the first 100 new customers, use this code: LAZOR2017NEW , you’ll get 18% off and it’s capped to $11!)

  2. Get ready to shop by clicking my link here. It’ll take you to the surprise box page straight away.
  3. Refresh/ click on the box you want to buy, QUICK QUICK. Put it in your cart!
  4. Purchase

And that’s how to buy a surprise box. You won’t really know what’s inside but it’s like a happy surprise to you.

Here’s a big fat hint for what I received in my box.

I checked the retail price and it’s definitely worth it if you need new gaming gear. Also, I wore it while playing Overwatch and heck yes. The Cerberus V2 is pretty comfortable and the microphone works if you want to attach it to the headphones OR just use the inbuilt microphone too.

There’s one near the volume toggle. I actually brought this set out for video work too and it’s good enough for me not to hear too much “invading” sounds outside and instead the sounds I’m recording into the camera.

Enough of that, besides Asus, look out for:

American Tourister
Leapfrog Distribution

In the Lazada Surprise Boxes because I know my readers would like those things to go travel or use the gear for your own adventures.

Don’t forget, use this Lazada Surprise Boxes link when you want to buy your stuff or just click this exactly when it turns midnight and it turns 12 December. They are very worth it and it gets sold out super fast.

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