Perspectives with Kelly Marie Tran & Norman Tan

On 26 November 2017, Apple at Orchard Road (Apple Orchard, really…) hosted a special event called Perspectives with Kelly Marie Tran & Norman Tan!

As readers of my blog would possibly know who Kelly is since a bunch of you guys are nerds like me, you would know her as Rose Tico from Star Wars in the upcoming The Last Jedi. Norman Tan is the moderator and he’s the Editor-in-Chief of Buro 24/7. He’s a really good moderator and the whole event was pretty smooth.

It started a with a screening of the trailer (some people screamed No if you listened properly because I know they were trying to avoid seeing anything until the movie appeared) and a secret behind the scenes segment starring Kelly Marie Tran. Maybe it’ll be put in the main BTS of The Last Jedi but from what we saw, it was kind of touching also? To at least know how she ended up in the role.

Trailer over, some of Singapore’s 501st marched in to stand to the side to welcome her.

And then we had a delightful session with her. There were too many anecdotes but she really is that funny and jovial!

Stuff I remembered a lot is that, well, she is grateful and happy that she is actually in a Star Wars movie. That she likes Porgs.

She had a great time acting with John Boyega. OH and she pretended she was in Canada for the whole shoot since she couldn’t tell her friends and family what she was doing and sent them google street views of Canada.

She is super glad that there is a bit more diversity and hopes there will be more in the future in movies and media.

And after all that, it was a selfie time, or a wefie? Well, a group picture.

You can see the result on her own instagram here!

Dear Singapore, Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. You were the first stop on my first ever press tour, and I am overwhelmed, I am humbled, I am counting down the days until I get to come back. If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that the world is full of amazing people, and I can’t believe how many genuine, generous human beings I’ve met so far! I’ve met the SE Asia Disney team, the Singapore branch of the 501st Legion (Holy Jeez! Your costumes are 🔥🔥🔥🔥), many local journalists/bloggers, and most of all, the supportive humans who came out to these events to help launch The Last Jedi. I will never forget you — I don’t think I could if I tried. THANK YOU & SEE YOU SOON! 😭🇸🇬 Oh, and P.S. The Chili crab is DELICIOUS, thank you for the recommendation! 🌶🦀🦐👍🏼❤️🔥

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Also here’s just some answers from her that aren’t too “confidential”. The whole session she couldn’t really tell much on what happened for The Last Jedi (yet) due to confidentiality but at least these were generic enough that she could say!

I don’t know how Apple did it but thanks Apple! It was great for you to host Kelly for that session.

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