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Noods & Meats : Smokehouse by Firdauz Nasir is at BLK 414, Yishun Ring Road, #01-1871, Singapore 760414.

It’s just a feeder bus away from Yishun interchange. If you’re looking for the shop, it’s not some fancy restaurant but is in a neighbourhood coffeeshop.

It’s not ‘certified Halal’ but it’s Muslim owned. When I went, it was late afternoon in their first week or so of opening.

SAD FOR ME because since I went late afternoon, most of their main meats were not available except for the platter sharing ones and those are huge


Instead, I ordered Burnt Ends.

Beef brisket smoked in-house for up to 12 hours served with secret Shiok sauce & Thai Asparagus.

Also it comes with a choice of your own carbs, so instead of fries I chose butter rice and an additional set of Thai asparagus. Yeah, I know but I like asparagus, okay.

It was just so satisfactory. The grain on the meats was like ahhh. It is indeed tender and soft. The asparagus was seasoned well too and the buns were soft. The sauce is kind of addictive? But oh man, too bad I couldn’t arrive earlier before the single meat dishes were out of stock for the day.

Yishun… so far from me. I’m an east sider. But if you do live in that area and like meats, this will be the shop to try it out. They open from noon to around 9.30pm.

Pastas range from around $10, meats like steaks as mains range from $10.90 to around $16. Burgers are under $8 and those communal dishes like ribs and huge platters start from $18.50 up to $59.90 from the time of this post.

Or you can just check their facebook since they might have latest updates on any of their dishes or opening hours too.

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