Comic Fiesta 2017 at KLCC Recap!

Hi, the group went to Comic Fiesta at KLCC in 2017! It’s been a while since CF was back to KLCC so we were excited to go since it’s so easy to get there from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by bus and stay at Trader’s hotel which is above the convention centre.

And also because I could eat Halal food like Din’s since that’s not available in Singapore.

If you wanted a tl;dr version of Comic Fiesta 2017, you can watch the video above! It was an exciting weekend that I had to split it into three posts. This one is going to be a combined 2 days of CF post.

Getting the early bird tickets for Comic Fiesta is totally worth it if you want to buy the loot as fast as you can. You get to enter at least an hour earlier compared to regular entry.

Whoop de doo, it’s just a walk down from our hotel at Traders and just follow the volunteers or the crowd towards the main entry. You get to see the iconic twin towers too.

And with our early bird tickets we got into the queue for entry, it wasn’t too long a wait since we calculated what time we needed to be downstairs. Just move along and follow the directions of the CF volunteers.

YES, get in there. If you were cosplaying and had weapon props, you went to the left side to have it checked. Of course, yes… It was just to make sure things weren’t pointy and didn’t hurt people…

Yeah, I know about the bear pepper spray incident too and maybe next year it just means more stringent security and that you shouldn’t complain or ignore the volunteers when they say not to bring it in or to leave it.

On the first day, goodie bags were available and the volunteers handed it over to the early birds. While stocks last, really.

Upside of having an early bird ticket was going in there pretty early before the main crowd. The downside is that not all art booths are open!

The artists were still making their way to KLCC or something via public transport and not all of them were local to Malaysia too.

That was alright, we managed to go around to the other booths including the premium ones before coming back to check on them.

This is the artist booth hall including the premium and basic ones.

You can see the crowd on the left there, that’s the signings and photo taking with some of the popular cosplayers at their booths. Yeah, it created a jam at some hours but it was just a bit better on the second day as the volunteers tried to keep the crowd at a manageable line?

Of course you had people complaining… But the volunteers are there to make sure people are safe too, so oh well.

Stuff I bought, 4 koma from Fat Fairy. Yes, they do have fruits on their heads at their booth.

Postcards from Kurechii of their game, Postknight! I hope they sell the post knight pins next time.

I saw interesting keychains and charms from the Little Witch Stall.

Rolling Ronins had a secret catalogue given away to customers if they bought from more than 1 creator. Also Ben & Wayne‘s Mr Memphis was premiering at CF.

Khudeejuh‘s Haram stickers were so amusing and yes, they got sold out so fast!

Also if you haven’t noticed, you can click on the names since I linked it to their shops so you can purchase from them even if CF is over.

Overwatch pins! I’m impressed cause they have the fancy GOOD pin backs that you need to squeeze and ‘screw’ in.

You can get them from Lunarite on the Moon.

Besides art booths, I went a look see at the Coffytiam booth since there was an exhibition at the back “wall” where winners of the Japan comic study trip and other stories were displayed.

Ohohoh, a protagonist.

Danny Choo’s Smart Dolls were there, I like how it is just so diverse and you can get them to wear anything.

Canon had a Pikachu appearance at their booths and you could take a picture with it. Hehehe, of course I went for it.

A surprising amount of movie displays were also there.

Jumanji and also the upcoming Mazerunner ones also held giveaways.

I was doing the CF stamp rally available on the booklet so it led me going around the whole of CF to get the stamps. This was around lunch time when everyone was out taking pictures.

Who do you call?

An Ultraman reunion of sorts happening at the park too.

As I went around collecting stamps, I finally went to the actual ticketing area if you didn’t buy it online/in advance, this was the area to get your tickets on-site.

On the other side was actually the Pokemon Video Game & TCG Tournaments! Does that mean if you were invited, you didn’t really need a CF ticket since it was “outside”?

I wandered towards the stage area and the cosplay competitions were running. The intro to each group was so cool, Comic Fiesta really has a good video animation intro.

It’s like even better than actual Miss Universe or whatever competitions of that sort?

Let’s cheer it for the contestants.

The last stamp was the big one, once I got to stamp all the others. The prize was a calendar… that could be gotten from the goodie bag if you were early too.

But I was a completionist and really, the stamps were pretty fun to collect. Like YES, FINALLY the quest is done.

In between collecting stamps, buying merch and going out for lunch, I did try out the convention food while waiting for some panels in the late afternoon.

The convention centre did have pretty cheap food! I just went for a snack of epok-epok.

This was a Trailer Watch session by the guys of At the Movies from BFM radio. It was basically a session on what makes a movie trailer good and what was bad.

They did give pretty good points that a trailer is best when it’s just taking footage from the first part of a movie so you won’t “anticipate” if you’ve seen a scene and it’s actually near the end of it.

They had the Mazerunner usb lights given away so HAH, I didn’t have to do the cycling thing that was happening on the main floor to get it.

Also uh, yeah.

I answered one of the questions at the session and won myself a pair of tickets to Jumanji… I actually watched it in Singapore at a special preview and enjoyed it sooooo I passed the tickets to my friends who actually live in Malaysia so they could catch it instead.

The other panel I went to was Rolling in Webcomics: a sharing session with Fishball of My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.

It was a freaking packed room! And yes, her boyfriend did come by and someone asked if he could stand next to her.

That’s him wearing the iconic Pikachu t-shirt featured in her comics.

This was a pretty informative session and we did get to learn that she has specific schedules to hit for regular updates on her comic.

HERE IS THE LOOT. That’s from the freebies bag, mostly it has pamphlets, a bottle of some new drink called Tinge (???) and Nips! Ahh ok, the bag was useful for us to put in our own merch that we bought.

This was day 1 of the merch I bought… Ok day 2 was just a bit more. I kind of miss original doujins.

2017 was the year of prints and fanzines. Pins and badges are the usual stuff but yeah, I hope to see more original doujins in 2018!

In all, Comic Fiesta has been awesome.

And no, we didn’t get caught in the bear pepper spray attack since we had gone off to dinner just went it happened. It just means that people shouldn’t complain if the volunteers say you can’t bring certain things in and to have more bag checks.

I thank the organizers and the volunteers since they did make the event fun besides the whole unexpected spray thing.

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  1. may i know at what time u started to queue? i cant estimate how long will it takes to get into the hall . Thanks in advance !! =)

  2. Hi hoshitanikuro73!

    I can’t remember what time early bird tickets (30 minutes before regular ticket opening time) can enter but is that time plus 15 minutes earlier to queue. Only for early bird. Also it opened on time so we all just walk in with the queue.

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