Yizun Noodles

Yizun Noodles is at 45 Sam Leong Road. It’s Halal and it’s Chinese styled hand-pulled beef noodles by muslims from China!

Opens around lunch time till night for dinner.

I went there during the opening week so it got packed with social media people and guests (???)

Closest MRT is Farrer Park and it’s close by Mustafa Centre.

You can actually see the chef pulling on the dough in the window but I was too shy to take a picture of him and that the place was packed.

So here, have a poem thing instead.

Don’t be scared, it really is Halal.

You can speak basic English or Mandarin to the staff or owner when you order.

Ahhh, it had been a cold day when I visited the shop.

Also since I came there in the late afternoon on a opening week, the other items were already sold out so I got the basic sliced beef noodles and of course, a sour plum drink.

There’s real sour plums in there so it was just a ZINGGG when you sip on it.

The menu is mostly beef noodles because that’s their thing so don’t go expecting anything else.

This is truly a beef noodle shop.

And those handpulled noodles were chewy and yes. They have that sort of texture from fresh noodles? The broth is a clear soup and the beef slices are pretty generous considering the price was cheap?! (Around under $9 if I remember right.)

There’s the white radish and it did provide a little refreshing bite to it.

It’s not spicy but there’s condiments provided so you can put in chili flakes in if you like.

The portion is generous, the price is affordable and the place is pretty walkable from the train station.

However, if you’re reading this while it’s still in the “new” opening month, it might get crowded. I hope this place sticks around and gets a steady stream of customers after their first launch though because it is quite a nice place to just chill and eat with your friends and family.

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  1. Hello Sarah, my fellow blogger! I also love this joint and really enjoyed reading your article about the noodles here. Your photo of the noodles with chopsticks look really appetising.

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