Munah & Hirzi Live: Curtain Call… After the drop

Munah & Hirzi’s Live: Curtain Call was on 24th January 2018, starting at 8pm.

But this was queue at around 6pm.

According to the ticketing site, this was going to be the event for their closure of their channel.

How do you say goodbye to 10 years?

For ONE NIGHT ONLY, pioneer prince and princess of the local YouTube scene, Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie or also known as MunahHirziOfficial(MHO), are bringing a night of hilarity (and heartbreak) as they celebrate the end of an era; their final curtain call; the closing of their YouTube Channel.

From the humble beginning of putting out guerilla-styled videos, attempting dares to well-produced music parodies, the dynamic duo has been making millions laugh-out-loud since 2007. With more than 142, 000 loyal subscribers on the MHO YouTube Channel and a resounding 32 million views on their channel, be prepared for the most epic send off of the decade.

Yep, this was going to be their finale so of course I had to attend it.

This is the queue around 7pm. It was raining, flash flooding in some areas and yeah, everyone there from capitol theatre to the other side was waiting for the doors to open at 8pm.

Got my tag on for general admission (standing).

There was a photobooth too!

And #munahhirzilive18 was their hashtag.

I’m not typing much because it’s pretty much what you see in the pictures.

The ‘expensive’ entry was the VIP ones which meant you had a seat and a goodie bag just right in front of the stage or the cheaper one where it was standing and yet it was just so fun watching them upclose like a gig?

The ‘cheapest’ was upstairs. It was seated but you looked down at the stage.

It opened with a video that led to all the characters appearing on stage. Not the ‘real’ Munah and Hirzi but all the characters were there, voiced by them. It was great timing and characterizations of these doubles before the REAL Minahs came out.

Their first number was as Kathee Staircase and Syasya Nakwok and they danced and sang all the “Minah” music numbers.

At this point, the majority of the audience was the “minorities” in Singapore. You can see everyone was really excited and screeched, laughed and sang along at some parts.

To say goodbye to the characters Kathee and Syasya, Munah and Hirzi wrote letters to each other’s characters/each other and it was really touching that I think I saw some others tearing up too besides them.

Basically, the whole curtain call is a mixture of emotions, music, theatre and ART. It’s just so freaking arty with the introduction, middle, end and epilogue(???)

This is just me appreciating the dancers for Shah transforming to Sergeant Hassan for the Despacito parody about Malay boys.

The visuals in the back are also super impressive because while it was humorous, the heck? It was really well made like those concerts with backdrops.

Whoever did the animation for this production of theirs is really good.

This curtain call was really like an awesome concert with slightly dodgy singing (it’s ok, even in the Roast everyone acknowledged that the characters can’t really sing…)

IT IS HUBAB!!!! I had to record this because they did the whole I AM ME by DSV and I’m so freaking amused ok?!

After the whole performance with Minahs and some assorted characters, it was intermission and I collected the picture from the photobooth and this is such a keepsake!

Yes, I know right now it’s a gif of a gif.

Leticiacia appeared for the first performance after intermission and it’s so wow because it was like being at a Taylor Swift concert but… not. Because… it was Leticiacia’s parody of Look What You Made Me Do.

OK THIS OTHER PERFORMANCE HAD ME GOT HAH!!! It was very Beyonce and if you guys can read arabic, the letter behind them is “khaw”.

After all those parody songs and skits, it was the roast featuring Fakkah Fuzz as the emcee, Deekosh, Preetipls and Wayne.

For real though… I don’t know…

Who Wayne is.

I think he’s a comedian somewhere…?

Anyway, after the roast, there was Munah’s monologue of sorts. She explained one of her canned characters, the one that said “Have you prayed” at random places and it was cause whenever she went out, her father would ask her if she had.

And from there she segued that many people have commented to her before too, that they are praying for her. But she takes it in consideration because it meant they are thinking of her and that they are also praying. And that she prays too, for happiness, for everyone there and ok, this was super emotional but that got everyone sobbing slightly.

I think that was her mother playing the piano as they continued on with a “historical” narrative.

So the beginning was all the parodies, performances and mini skits aka interaction with the audiences then the roast and to Munah’s monologue and then a recap of what they had all done.

You can see their theatre background in this segment of the curtain call with narration and dancing it out including Ten Dares. I can’t remember all the exact dares but mostly it told everyone to be brave and decent to each other. The last dare however, was to not forget them. I don’t think anyone who “grew” up with them will forget what they did for everyone.

Like any proper performance, there must, in my opinion be a confetti cannon.

It signalled that it was near the end… But not yet.

This was the end with an indulgent kompang performance with the two thanking everyone.

It was a journey for them and they have their own reasons for closing the channel even if it is after ten years.

Somehow I hope Munah will be alright from what ever reason it is since Hirzi was there telling that he will still be supporting her.

And that was the end of Munah & Hirzi’s curtain call, they got out of their last ‘costume’ and everyone retreated away.

They faded off with the last backdrop with those mirrored lights found in dressing rooms, sat in their own seats and the lights turned off for Munah, leaving Hirzi’s on, with him sitting there looking at his reflection.

And then there was one.

And it was that.

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