Journaling Festival 2018 at Millenia Walk!

The Journaling Festival by Cityluxe at Millenia Walk ends on 5 August. You can check out the various activities like MT Tape aka washi tape badge making, rubber stamp “trading” and workshops on bullet journaling at their programme on their website.

It’s a “small” festival but packed with very evil items to those who like writing, journaling, sketchbooking etc because OH MY GOODNESS.

The stationery and the tapes and ink and whatnot.

The table at the bottom right is where the presentation or trading of rubber stamping and other workshops are happening there’s also some MT Tape stuff happening on the top left corner too.

It’s a nice quiet festival where you can get your items and go if you don’t want to stick around for their programmes.

Their staff are nice too and very helpful and knowledgeable about the items there.

It’s MT Tape’s 10th anniversary too and there is a large selection including the extra wide ones.

Washi, washiiiii. So many different designs. Cat ones, shibe, food. Pretty much a lot of cuteness.

Leuchtturm planners are there. The prices are the usual prices but oooh there are some special edition ones…

AND FREE EMBOSSING! They got the whole gold foil thingy to stamp the words onto your journals with a purchase of Leuchtturm planners. There’s also personalization of Traveler notebooks too.

Ink, ink, iiink. Multicoloured inks for your pens or calligraphy stuff.

There’s also a station to make your own Kaweco pen.

The time I made mine was when they only had fine or extra fine nibs. I chose fine and with gold ‘hardware’ (you can choose silver) and my own choice of colours for the pen itself.

The lady said it is like Mickey Mouse colours but in reality these colours were inspired by Carmen Sandiego. Hohohohoh.

I’ve tried it with some paradise blue ink, a light cyan ink on paper and it feels so nice to write with. I might even like Kaweco-s more then my Pentel pens or Lamy??

Still, all of them have their own designs and I do like pens. Anyway, try to catch the Journaling Festival before it ends because I know a lot of my readers here like stationery things like these.

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