9.9 Lazada Surprise Box! It’s back for 9 September

The main Lazada sale starts on 9.9!

However there will be 99 surprise boxes costing at $29 or $49 (worth $100) and will only be sold between 6 – 9 September.

I have a preview of what the Lazada Surprise box curated by Leapfrog has. This box costs $29 and the items confirmed have gone past the $29 mark.

This time the box isn’t too large for all the items. Just nice to have all the items in packed snugly.

I’ll leave the actual surprise to you to find out but two items of note that might be worth it for you is definitely the X-Craft trek 1000 mouse.

Yes, it’s enough for your MOBAs and Overwatch gaming. It’s got a free mat included to so worth iiiit.

The next item got me curious because it’s a tracker? I didn’t even know Alcatroz had one.

So this is the Alcatroz Air-tag 1000. It’s got a battery in the package so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

Compared to a Trackr tracker and the Alcatroz Air-Tag, it’s a bit bigger so it probably will be better if you have a large dog to put it on if you want to track your pet.

If not, this looks suitable to put with your keys to find them or your luggage or just something you keep forgetting to take with you.

The app is called “iSearching” , available in both iOS and Android. It doesn’t have any Alcatroz logo things so I think it’s a 3rd party developer of sorts?

Ok so that’s the same instructions available in the package too. Besides tracking your stuff, it has a function so you can use it to trigger your camera.

From here you pretty much just follow the manual to connect it. Just make sure your bluetooth is switched on.

That’s it really. There’s a function where you can find the item using google or baidu maps or if it strays a distance away from you, it’ll start to beep. How loud is it?

It’s this loud.

So ok! That’s the Leapfrog 9.9 Surprise Box from Lazada.

If you guys decide to get anything during the sale, feel free to use my links to get there and buy!

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