White Rabbit Milk Tea

I got the White Rabbit Milk Tea at Cheers in Singapore. For those wondering how it tastes like, this is pretty much a reaction post.

White Rabbit Milk Tea CupIt’s a do it yourself kit with toppings included too.

White rabbit milk carton

I did get to try the white rabbit milk from a carton in December 2019 too and that one was pretty sweet to my tastes like condensed milk but ‘smoother’ consistency as typical milk.


But first the ingredients for the milk tea in the White Rabbit cup.

Inside the cup

It comes like this with the toppings and straw in the cup itself, you have to put your own water in to make your drink.

Packets of ingredients

Here are the individual packets. There’s the creamer or powdered milk, nata de coco, condensed milk in a packet, red beans and a collapsible straw.

Collapsible straw

It stretches out like so.

Ingredients in chinese

Here’s the instructions on the pack. Basically it says put all the ingredients in the cup and add water.

Red beans and creamer

That’s red beans in the the powdered milk/creamer. It really is slightly dehydrated red beans?

Add in the water

I got hot water since I know that dissolves the powdered milk and condensed milk easier. So this was a hot milk tea. The nata de coco floats at the top there.

White Rabbit Milk Tea done

Tada, here it is with the straw. It doesn’t taste as sweet as the white rabbit milk carton pack since you can adjust how much water you need or even adjust the condensed milk (that’s sweet!!).

But overall it does remind me of Taiwanese Milk Tea but with a hint of white rabbit sweet.

Of course you also get to chew on red beans and nata de coco too, it’s a not bad drink but it’s not intensely White Rabbit sweet tasting if you are expecting that.

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