What Villainesses Taught Me

What Villainesses Taught Me

I had been reading a lot of isekai duchess/princess/villainess stories and with so many of them, you can pick your own flavour lead character.

In any case, once you start a villainess, it goes downhill from there as you continue to find other villainess stories to see what’s up with them.

Nonetheless, this is what I’ve learned from the ladies.

The fate is death

All these villainesses need to survive that point of time where they will be executed.

Yeah, no chill for these characters.

Yet, they are all given a ‘second’ chance due to time travel or knowledge of things that haven’t happened yet, will come to be.

None of them have given up yet trying to change their future and they are all just so freaking stubborn.

Time to exercise

Tip 1:

To exercise regularly.

Most of these villainesses had decided to exercise, run or take up sword fighting so that they can defend themselves from their eventual execution.

If they can’t fight, they can still run fast to escape from people.

Katarina is farming

Tip 2:

To learn a skill or invest in business

If you’re going to be exiled (second best ending) besides an execution, you need to learn how to survive out the world. Some take up farming as a side skill, cafe management, cookery or baking. Some also take up business studies and run some trade.

Whatever it is, is to pick up a skill that they will enjoy thriving in even if it looks odd to everyone else.

They also like to invest in pledging businesses because they won’t have all the knowledge in the world but they have enough knowledge to let professionals do their job and leave it to them. Investments are also monitored now and then to see if is profitable (I’ll write about this in the coming weeks.)

Have fun

Tip 3:

Enjoy yourself

Hey, running away from doom or trying not to be executed doesn’t mean everything has to be a downer. These villainesses enjoy the tea and cakes at the various tea parties they have to attend. Or even go out in disguise to the village festivals and play games.

Sometimes it’s just nice to spend time in the garden without anyone else around too since it’s nice to enjoy the scenery.

Have others toot your horn

Tip 4:

Don’t toot your own horn, let others toot it.

Being a villainess, not everyone will believe it if you ehh, toot your own horn about whatever you did. Let others toot it for you. That’s what minions and society is for.

Let them see your own actions and then say it for you. Of course, this really depends on whatever it is. Sometimes you got to state out what you did since no one else might know too.

Especially during accusations about doing evil things to the heroine when you’re actually at some tea party elsewhere.

Others notice you

Tip 5:

Appreciate others who appreciate you

There are those who finally see you aren’t the villainess and want you to be happy too. You’re not the worst villainess ever. Probably. So try to reign it in a little on the self-hate bit.

Tip 6:

It is what it is

Sometimes things happen. Just try to find help or adapt to it. But as a villainess, you know what. Just don’t lie down and give up that easily. Be the best villainess if you got to villain.

ANYWHO, for a reference of some of the titles I read:

  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!
  • It Looks Like I’ve Fallen ino the world of a reverse harem
  • Death is the only ending for the villainess
  • The villainess lives twice
  • Miss Not so Sidekick
  • Truthfully the only remembered her
  • Beware the Villainess
  • Fiancees observation log of the self proclaimed villainess
  • The Villainess reverses the hourglass
  • Abandoned Empress

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