I need to run

This is what my stats are, probably.

I don’t want to run. But I need to run. I’m so sad. I’ll get over it but this is so sad.

I had been working out and apparently I put all my skill points into strength instead of balancing it out to stamina and speed. And the only way to get there is to run, there’s no other way to it.

In 2019/2020, I solved my jumper’s knee problem (yes, during the Circuit Breaker cause I could spend my time googling what it is). Which was something I needed to know the ‘name’ before I could solve it. Because whoops, after going to multiple obstacle course races before, my knees felt kinda weird doing specific movements.

And the solution was pretty much squats and I did that and… It actually worked.

It’s not instant, duh. However, it did help with time and doing it in a proper constant manner, that I could do lunges and stuff without it feeling like I was about to break something.

I’m in orange.

Squats are alright with me, no matter how much I grumble about it. I will do it.

In Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), I do more lunges and arms stuff, so that’s where the skill points went to.

Mostly arms stuff.

But as you can tell, you don’t run in HEMA. Why run when you can just stab?

Mitsuha in Kimi no Na Wa

2022 was the year I learned when my ‘maximum’ was. I need to hydrate a lot so that I won’t cramp up specifically my right leg.

But now with this knowledge of ‘doing squats’ and ‘maximum point’, I need to run.

I guess, 2023 is the year I try to run like an anime heroine because I need to increase my stamina especially for pro-wrestling.

Let me cry and whine a bit about having to do this.

However, at least I know what exactly to fix this ‘problem’ now or what I’ve been missing out while focusing on other ‘problems’.

I was sent this when I said I had a problem with stamina and asked how to start running

Sigh, so let’s do it. Let’s run. Such a tragedy, but I’ll do it because I want to be even better.

Good grief.

And it’s all because I want to be even better at pro-wrestling. Sheeesh, I thought I was going to be a mere casual like “Hello, hello! Ok bye” but no something switched to a different gear and I’m more like “Ok, you know what. Let’s do this. Let’s JUST DO THIS”.


Not every mutual online has gone to shows where I’m at (ok, it’s just 3 so far, I understand) and I need to at least do more shows so that the bulk of them BETTER ATTEND IT OK, see me in REAL LIFE.

Also maybe it helps there’s a lot of cute Japanese pro-wrestlers too that I want to meet but not now, I’m such a noob…

Have this week’s music recommendation!

Kobo Kanaeru’s cover of Natori’s Overdose (English translation available in the original)

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